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Язык: польский Najostrzejszym orężem i narzędziem polityki III Rzeszy były w latach 1933-1939 odbudowywane i sukcesywnie powiększane siły zbrojne Wehrmacht, z którymi Hitler po serii zwycięstw bez wojny, osiągniętych w drodze szantażu, ruszył jesienią 1939 roku na podbój Polski, a potem świata.

A guide to the histories, compositions, campaigns and emblems of the most famous German Army and Luftwaffe fighting divisions of World War 2; all emblems are shown in their actual colours, and many rare pictures cover infantry, panzer, parachute and mountain divisions..

A pictorial guide to the German motorised and armoured infantry units and their equipment..

A well illustrated overview of German military semi-tracked vehicles used during the Second World War..

Язык: польский The Wehrmacht in the Polish Campaign of 1939. Uniforms and badges. Polish text, English captions..

Few people ever bother to read the preface of a textbook, much less the preface of a book on the subject of pain management. This completely revised Seventh Edition is the most comprehensive rewrite of Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians. Unlike the previous six editions, every attempt has been made to offer evidence-based, clinically relevant information.

Содержит информармацию о городах Беларуси, музеях, исторических памятниках, фотографии некоторых памятников архитектуры Республики Беларусь. Фотоматериал высокого качества, сделан профессионально. .

Интересный учебный комплекс по изучению английского языка для детей. Помогает эффективно развивать навыки аудирования, чтения, письма и говорения на начальном этапе обучения. Welcome 2 is designed for children learning English at primary level. A lively group of characters invites pupils to join in the fun as Masid, the magical genie, transports them to new and exciting places.

Наконец-то на полках появилось переиздание этой книги, первая версия которой так нравилась читателям. Второе издание отличается пересмотренным материалом, работой с CS5 и плагинами от PhotoOne (в первой версии такого упора на плагины не было). И хотя это не учебник по Фотошопу, и не полное руководство, но набор тем не менее интересный.

Hardbound. After a presentation of the various interpretation techniques proposed by all well test interpretation computer programs (straight line methods, pressure curve analysis, pressure derivative method), the advantages and limitations of the different approaches are discussed. With today\'s powerful graphic and computing facilities, the characteristic features of the many different types of wells and reservoirs are magnified, and a large catalogue of theoretical solutions is required for the analysis of transient test responses.

The pre-1939 Vickers Wellington remained in frontline operational service throughout the Second World War, undertaking every role and duty possible for an aircraft of its configuration. This is a remarkable portrait of a remarkable aircraft. Heavily illustrated with b/w photographs throughout. This is part 2 of a book "Halifax at War and Wellington at War" - two complete books in one volume.

A superbly-illustrated review of the Wimpy in operation throughout WW2, with much early information on its design and development history. Wonderful photographs abound, with informative text..

This book illustrates some of the best work now being done in the authentic reconstruction of the uniforms and equipment of the ever-popular Napoleonic Wars period. Photographs of re-enactment groups "in action" in Britain and on the continent combine with close-up studies of reconstructed uniforms of Wellington\'s infantry, light infantry, rifles, light and heavy artillery, together with campaign life and camp followers.

A critical contribution to the history of Britain and the U.S., this book demonstrates how the search for personal supernatural power lay at the heart of the so-called eighteenth-century English evangelical revival. John Kent rejects the view that the Wesleys rescued the British from moral and spiritual decay by reviving primitive Christianity.

The Westland Wessex is a British turbine-powered version of the Sikorsky S-58 "Choctaw", developed under license by Westland Aircraft (later Westland Helicopters), initially for the Royal Navy, and later for the Royal Air Force. This book covers all types of this important helicopter..

Western civilization and world history are often seen as different, or even mutually exclusive, routes into historical studies. This volume shows that they can be successfully linked, providing a tool to see each subject in the context of the other, identifying influences and connections. Western Civilization in World History takes up the recent debates about the merits of the well-established \'Western civ\' approach versus the newer field of world history.

This book covers the first British twin-engined four-cannon WWII fighter. Contains 77 b/w photos, 1/72 scale plans, type history and technical description, production overview, 2 pages camouflage profiles, cockpit interior drawings, camouflage details, armament & equipment description..

Описание танков вархамера 40.000 для имперской армии и флота .

Did you know that if you drive ten miles to buy a Powerball ticket, you\'re sixteen times more likely to die in a car crash than you are to win the jackpot? Or that, while it is nearly impossible for a coin to land on heads one hundred times in a row, it is equally improbable for any other specific sequence to come up? As Orkin\'s Law of Absurdity states, "Everything is impossible, yet something must happen.


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