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В книге рассказано о великих полководцах .

В издании представлены модели одежды, аксессуары, пледы, связанные крючком. Фотографии, словесное описание..

85 full color detail photos, 23 U.S. Army technical drawings, 3 full color model reference photos. An excellent reference source for the U.S. Army\'s self propelled artillery piece, this book gives a history of the vehicle and its service in many of the world\'s militaries. Geared toward the serious military scale modeler, each detail photograph is captioned with detailed descriptions, covering such details as differences between variants, interior details, exterior details, power plant, armament, ammunition, maintenance, stowage, service, etc.

From a scale modeler\'s viewpoint, the book is a goldmine of information and inspiration. The photos are large, in color, and extremely vivid and clear, with new details popping out at you each time you look at them. Especially useful are the many views of the complex turret bustle rack with the "ball and chain" armor, and the often neglected turret top.

This special thirteenth installment in the WARMACHINES series takes a look at Operation Desert Storm through the camera lenses of members of 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 8th Marine Tank Battalion. In these pages we see the life experienced by U.S. Troops while pushing their way into Iraqi-occupied Kuwait in 1991.

This fourteenth installment in the WARMACHINES series is the third of the special mini-files which utilizes the comparatively few available photographs to document a worthy subject, in this case the 1/4 ton M151 Mutt. This book benefits the reader by providing detailed color photographs of the Mutt in field conditions, from the barracks parking lot, to deplaning from a C-130 Hercules, to undergoing an engine change, to serving with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

This fifteenth installment in the WARMACHINES series focuses on the operations of the paratroopers of the 3rd/325th ABCT (Airborne Battalion Combat Team Blue Falcons during practice exercises. This book provides a rare glimpse of such operations with beautiful full color photography. Excellent coverage of such things as parachuting, air-drops of vehicles and equipment, securing landing zones.

This seventeenth installment in the popular Warmachines series provides a unique look at the WWII era German Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer, as well as various other German vehicles and equipment. All of the full color photographs were taken in the field with careful attention paid to historical accuracy.

The eighth installment in this series, this special edition deviates from the regular format by focusing entirely on various vehicles and equipment utilized by U.S. Forces serving in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. All of the photographs in the book were taken by members of the U.S. Army serving with the 131st Engineers, a combat support equipment company of the Vermont Army National Guard.

This special edition in the WARMACHINES series takes a rare look at some of the military vehicles operated by U.S. forces during WWII. All of the vehicles documented have been painstakingly restored to the utmost accuracy. Beautiful color photography captures the details of such vehicles as the omnipresent 1/4 Ton 4X4 Willys Jeep, the 3/4 Ton 4X4 Dodge Weapons Carrier, the 3/4 Ton 4X4 Dodge Command Vehicle, the M274 1/2 Ton Platform Utility Truck, the Cushman 2-Wheeled Scooter, the M3A1 Scout Car, several versions of the 2 1/2 Ton 6X6 GMCDuece-and-a-Half, and the 4 Ton 6X6 Wrecker Diamond T.

This Warpaint pictorial special covers the full history of this famous German fighter, from the early prototype through to the final G/K variants and post war developments. The brief text is supported by many pages of colour profile illustrations and rare archive photos, some in colour..

Designed with both the aircraft enthusiast and the model maker in mind, the publishers of the Warpaint series try to establish as near as possible a comprehensive and accurate account of a single aircraft type within one set of covers. Each book sets standards in the quality of the history and the accuracy of the drawings both in colour side and plan view and the 1:72nd scale plans that appear in each one.

This is the most complete volume available on the military aircraft of the Third Reich. Hundreds of archive photographs are complemented by color illustrations to provide detailed visual profiles of the aircraft. The combination of detailed text, specifications and superb illustrations provides a unique reference work to the aircraft, their histories, their achievements and their colors.

Missing: cover. Обложка отсутствует. Представлены самолеты 1918-1939 годов.Missing: cover. Обложка отсутствует. Представлены самолеты 1918-1939 годов..

Most people come to know of Warren Buffett through his ability to generate wealth. However, as Janet Lowe reveals in her book, Warren Buffett Speaks, Buffett is more than a money-making machine. Warren Buffett Speaks is a library of notes and quotes that have been collected over the years, aimed at revealing the many aspects of the World Greatest Investor--his wit, personality, and wisdom.

History of the famous shipbuilding company Armstrongs..

Справочник Weyers по военно-морским флотам мира. Количественный,качественный состав. 1509 рисунков,824 фотографии. От Албании до Зап.Самоа, от России до США. .

Книга - фундаментальная монография - о строительстве боевых кораблей, согласно новейших технологий образца указанного года издания. Тут всё: от выбора сорта стали и брони, типа заклепок, отделки орудийных башен, до методов расчета остойчивости и общей теории. Рассчитана на специалистов-кораблестроителей.

Язык: польский Polskie i niemieckie wozy bojowe użyte w trakcie Powstania Warszawskiego, niepublikowane fotografie, diagramy i mapy. 99 fotografii, 11 stron kolorowych, mapy. Polish and German armour units used during Warsaw Uprising in 1944, unpublished photos, diagrams, Polish text, English captions.

The continuously increasing human population, has resulted in a huge demand for processed and packaged foods. As a result of this demand, large amounts of water, air, electricity and fuel are consumed on a daily basis for food processing, transportation and preservation purposes. Although not one of the most heavily polluting, the food industry does contribute to the increase in volume of waste produced as well as to the energy expended to do so.


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