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Третье издание уже ставшего классикой бестселлера. Эта книга - одна из немногих, предназначенных не для широкого круга пользователей, а для системных администраторов, работающих в среде UNIX. Изложенный материал будет полезен как профессионалам, так и тем, кто еще только постигает тонкости этой увлекательной и трудной работы.

Замечательная книга, продожающая серию по сетевому программированию в Unix. Сложновата для новичков, но разобраться можно. Особенно радуют две вещи: во-первых, все темы книги обильно иллюстрированы хорошими примерами (на Си), во-вторых, автор подробно останавливается на возможных проблемах, таких как зависание, преждевременная остановка сервера или клиента и т.

Все об информационных центрах, постоянно работающих в режиме 24/7 - 24 часа в сутки и 7 дней в неделю без отключений и к тому же в целях безопасности, подчас, территориально разнесенных. О поддержании жизнедеятельности и организации вычислительного процесса используемых на таких центрах Unix-систем, начиная с фальшполов, монтажа оборудования в стойках, кабельной разводки, инсталляции программного обеспечения и до развертывания систем, их последующей передачи в эксплуатацию, мониторинга и сопровождения, а также о взаимодействии с многочисленными пользователями.

The capture of Jerusalem by the First Crusade in 1099 signalled the beginning of an armed struggle in Palestine and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean which lasted until the fifteenth century. It was a war dominated by the building, securing and besieging of castles rather than by pitched battles. Kristian Molin covers the military history of the crusades on a wider geographical scale than previous historians, taking in Armenia, Cyprus and Greece as well as the Holy Land.

Android is an open source mobile phone platform based on the Linux operating system and developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of over 30 hardware, software and telecom companies that focus on open standards for mobile devices. Led by search giant, Google, Android is designed to deliver a better and more open and cost effective mobile experience.

This text is a handbook of instructions written for the programmer or analyst that shows how to insert common algorithmic functions in C# into one\'s source code. The code is listed on a companion CD for easy transfer to one\'s current C# program. The first 12 chapters discuss specifics of the Visual C# compiler: the integrated developer environment (IDE); moving projects from one location to another; passing information between windows; Visual C# code placement; classes, constructors, overloading, and helps; data types and declarations; conversions between data types; string manipulation and on-line data storage; branching and looping; and arithmetic.

Over 150 colour and b/w photographs, sb. It\'s called a UAV - the acronym of the new millennium, which could prove to be the greatest revolution in warfare in many decades.The key word is unmanned, and the concept is to use a UAV in military application to do that normally done by a manned aircraft. Although the prime mission of military UAVs has been reconnaissance and surveillance, there is also consideration for mounting weapons on the vehicles.

Что такое трансформер? Игрушка, которая через ряд изменений, может изменить свою форму из транспортного средства до робота. Книга является вторым изданием, представляет фигуры 1980-х и 90-х и более чем 500 цветных фотографий Представлена история этих игрушек, начиная с раннего Diaclone, Diacrone и Micronautsof Япония благодаря появлению Transformerscreations Hasbro к Transmetals Fuzors в конце девяностых годов.

How is the legal conception of property working to eradicate the global urban commons? Contemporary capitalism has advanced this process by producing rampant gentrification, socio-spatial stratification, and racial inequality. In Unsettling the City, Nicholas Blomley shows how the concept of property helps to generate and underwrite these pervasive urban processes.

Although it was first published more than thirty-five years ago, Up the Organization continues to top the lists of best business books by groups as diverse as the American Management Association, Strategy + Business (Booz Allen Hamilton), and The Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management. 1-800-CEO-READ ranks Townsend`s bestseller first among eighty books that every manager must read.

EDITORIAL Энциклопедическое размножение Remo Knol представляет собой практически аналогичную Wiki систему энциклопедических материалов, писать которые, как предполагается, должны простые пользователи. НОВОСТИ HI-TECH-ИНДУСТРИИ НОВОСТИ НАУКИ. КОСМОС НОВЫЕ ПОСТУПЛЕНИЯ ЖЕЛЕЗО Вроде как для экстремалов Mazur Вслед за X38 Intel анонсировала чипсет X48.

Fans of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, your call has been answered. Scott Mueller, author of the best-selling Upgrading and Repairing PCs, is now bringing you an equally in-depth guide to Windows troubleshooting. Upgrading and Repairing Microsoft Windows explains how Windows works and how to fix it when things go wrong.

Royal Air Force Upper Heyford takes its name from the nearby quintessential English village in the heart of rural Oxfordshire. The airfield dates back to World War I and has long been associated with bomber aircraft; it is probably the only airbase in the world to have had a bomber named after it (the Handley Page H.

Югославское руководство о методах подрывной деятельности в тылу врага .

In Green Dimensions, Cliff Moughtin relates sustainable development and green design to the realm of urban design and development. Examining regional and local frameworks for design and planning, this book shows how sustainable urban design can be implemented on every scale..

There is enormous interest in urban design and the regeneration of our urban areas, but current thinking often concentrates on the built form, forgetting the important role that open spaces play. Urban Open Spaces brings together extensive research and practical experience to prove the opportunities and benefits of different types of open space to society and individuals.

In less than two years since our first Urban Spaces volume went to press, hundreds of excellent urban spaces have been completed, and hundreds more proposed. The universal appeal of spaces where people can gather continues to generate new parks, plazas, lobbies, atriums, and malls. Both public and private clients are investing in creative urban spaces.

Going beyond previous investigations into urban land use and travel, Petter N?ss presents new research from Denmark on residential location and travel to show how and why urban spatial structures affect people\'s travel behaviour. In a comprehensive case study of the Copenhagen metropolitan area, N?ss combines traditional quantitative travel surveys with qualitative interviews in order to identify the more detailed mechanisms through which urban structure affects travel behaviour.

We all depend on various means of transportation for mobility in our daily lives: to travel to and from work, school, shopping centers, restaurants, financial institutions, medical facilities, cultural and sporting events, and the homes of family and friends, among many possibilities. Transportation has evolved into many forms in response to the needs and wants of residents, particularly in concentrated urban areas.

Summary:This book follows the evolution of the US Air Force, and looks at significant events and campaigns that have shaped its history. Extensive detail begins with current major commands and unit structure and commands that were in place in 1947. Of the almost 50 aircraft types in service or planned for the USAF, each are detailed including development, unit assignments, serial batches, and an explanation of the role of each variant.


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