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Книга о самолетах люфтваффе в Советском Союзе. Предвоенные контакты с Германией, торговля с рейхом, трофеи в ходе войны, послевоенные трофеи. .

This is a logically self-contained introduction to analysis, suitable for students who have had two years of calculus. The book centers around those properties that have to do with uniform convergence and uniform limits in the context of differentiation and integration. Topics discussed include the classical test for convergence of series, Fourier series, polynomial approximation, the Poisson kernel, the construction of harmonic functions on the disc, ordinary differential equation, curve integrals, derivatives in vector spaces, multiple integrals, and others.

Книга Understanding and Controlling Strobe Lighting - A Guide for Digital Photographers упрощает процесс освещения для портретов, архитектуры, натюрмортов и прочих фотографий. Этот полный справочник дает фотографам возможность быть творческими и драматическими в выборе освещения..


Understanding Asset Allocation: An Intuitive Approach to Maximizing Your Portfolio (Financial Times (Prentice Hall)) By Victor A. Canto.

In Understanding Close-up Photography Bryan Peterson turns his attention to a topic that is an ongoing favorite with photographers. But where most macro photography books focus on capuring subjects in nature, Peterson promises to go beyond, teaching you to photograph a range of subjects from animals and plants from the garden, beach, or mountains to objects found in the kitchen, supermarket, even the junkyard.

"Подумайте вот о чём: почему обычные чернильные линии, особым способом проведенные вместе, создают образы, столь полные жизни? Что превращает простые рисунки на листе бумаги в привлекательные трехмерные персонажи, с которыми мы можем себя идентифицировать? Каждому фэну аниме и комиксов знакомы эти чувства, и Скотт МкКлауд дает ответы на эти вопросы.

This edition of Understanding Housing Defects has been extensively revised and includes new and revised graphics, many more photographs, and an extended text. The book is a natural companion to The Construction Of Houses (first published in 1990 and now in its 3rd revision.) Understanding Housing Defects provides a concise, coherant and comprehensive introduction to the causes, investigation and diagnosis of housing defects.

Reader\'s review: Despite the relatively attractive front cover and book title, this is not a tool book to learn how to motivate others or make ideas tick. It is in essence an introduction to psychology that covers quite a lot of interesting topics (please refer to the table of content. In particular, I like the ones on sex and gambling) with plenty of research findings and stories presented in a light and enjoyable manner.

Although MySQL s source code is open in the sense of being publicly available, it s essentially closed to you if you don t understand it. In this book, Sasha Pachev - a former member of the MySQL Development Team - provides a comprehensive tour of MySQL 5 that shows you how to figure out the inner workings of this powerful database.

This book offers a homogeneous presentation of the many faces of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. The first part is devoted to a description of the nowadays thermodynamic formalism recognized as the classical theory of non-equilibrium processes. This part of the book may serve as a basis to an introductory course dedicated to first-year graduate students in sciences and engineering.

Everything you need to know in one take-anywhere field guide. This all-in-one guide from renowned photographer, instructor, and author Bryan Peterson will help you take better photos anytime, anywhere–with any camera. Want to finally understand exposure? Interested in learning to "see" and composing your images more creatively? Ready to master the magic of light? It’s all here, the techniques every amateur photographer needs to take better nature, landscape, people, and close-up photos.

Understanding Street Drugs: A Handbook of Substance Misuse for Parents, Teachers And Other Professionals .

Many anthologies on the city exist, but only a few contain both cutting-edge theoretical essays and rich empirical studies. The latter focus on cities outside the Western urban canon and will make Understanding the City even more attractive to urban scholars..

This book breaks new ground by creating a framework to understand clients\' actions and needs. Most construction management books focus on improving the construction process; this one focuses on a better engagement with the client. It challenges conceptions of both the construction industry and clients\' businesses so that a more effective process and greater client satisfaction can be achieved.

Windows CardSpace empowers organizations to prevent identity theft and systematically address a broad spectrum of security and privacy challenges. Understanding Windows CardSpaceis the first insider’s guide to Windows CardSpace and the broader topic of identity management for technical and business professionals.

Now it\'s easier than ever for woodworkers to get a perfect finish on every project! This book dispels the myths about wood finishing and explains exactly how and why every finish behaves the way it does..

The subject of underwater acoustic modeling deals with the translation of our physical understanding of sound in the sea into mathematical formulas solvable by computers. This book divides the subject of underwater acoustic modeling into three fundamental aspects: the physical principles used to formulate underwater acoustic models; the mathematical techniques used to translate these principles into computer models; and modeling applications in sonar technology and oceanographic research.

Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context. Containing extensive practical advice and information, including how to get involved, basic principles, essential techniques and approaches, project planning and execution, publishing and presenting, this book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in nautical archaeology.

Model checking is a prominent technique used in the hardware and software industries for automatic verification. While it is very successful in finding subtle bugs in distributed systems, it faces the state explosion problem - the number of reachable states grows exponentially in the number of concurrent components.


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