Книги на букву "T"

Язык: польский 90 photos b&w, maps, schemes, tables. Organization of Panzerwaffe in 1945. English summary.

Язык: польский / английский Covers the combat use of German armoured units in the last stage of WWII. 7 maps. 30 colour profiles. 72 b/w photos. 80 pages. Dual Polish/English text..

Язык: польский / английский 50 pages, 44 b/w photos, Polish / English text, 33 colour profiles, line drawings, plans, 3 tables. 50 stron, 11 stron kolorowych, 44 fotografie, 2 schematy, 5 stron oryginalnych planów, 3 tabele..

Язык: польский Detailed coverage of the design history and operational use of these Soviet tanks. 19 colour profiles. 10pp drawings. Diagrams. 18 colour & 98 b/w photos. Polish text with English captions and summary..

Язык: польский Second part of this monograph devoted to combat activities during the first part of the Soviet-German war in the summer of 1941. 33 colour profiles. 15 battle plans. 83 black/white photos. Polish text with English summary and photo captions..

Covers these self-propelled guns, which made up the main armament of SP AT artillery (Panzerjager) units from 1942 until the end of World War II. 9 colour profiles, drawings. 24 colour and 60 b/w photos. Polish / English text..

88 b&w photos, 8 colour pages, 1 map, 9 schemes, 3 organisation schemes, 4 tabels. Armored forces in 1939. Polish / English text. 88 fotografie, 8 stron kolorowych, 1 mapa, 9 wykresów, 3 schematy organizacyjne, 4 tabele. Organizacja bronii pancernej we wrześniu 39.

Язык: польский / английский Dual English and Polish text. Great reference guide to the German Gerät 040/041 Karl Mörser tracked heavy mortar. Karl Mörser (Gerät 040/041) was a series of 60cm mortars designed to take out heavily fortified positions. The self-propelled version of the 60cm siege mortar was ordered in June 1937.

Photoscan. Covers these half-track armoured personnel carriers used on all fronts by the German army from the beginning to the end of World War II. 33 colour profiles. line drawings. 29 colour and 69 b/w photos. Polish / English text..

The Panzerkampfwagen I Sd Kfz 101 light tank made up a core of the German armoured troops\' fleet during the invasion of Poland and the French campaign in 1940. 33 colour profiles. Scale plans. 50 b/w and 8pp colour photos. Dual Polish / English text..

Язык: польский 88 photos, 11 colour pages, 6 pages of plans in 1:35 scale. Polish text, English summary and photo captions. 11 stron kolorowych, 88 fotografii, plany w skali 1:35..

Язык: польский British infantry tank. Monography. 52 photos, 27 colour pages, 14 pages of plans. Polish text, English summary and photo-captions. Monografia brytyjskiego czołgu piechoty. 52 fotografie, 14 stron planów, 27 stron kolorowych..

10,5 cm leFH 18/2 auf Fgst PzKpfw II (Sf) Sd Kfz 124 "Wespe". 21 colour profiles, 6 colour photos, prof ill b/w photos, line drawings. English/Polish text..

Camouflage and markings of the US armoured forces from 1940 to 1945. Unit designations & markings. 2pp 1:35 scale drawings. 142 colour profiles. 21 b/w & 5 colour photos. English/Polish text..

Язык: польский /английский 19 stron kolorowych, 133 fotografie cz-b, schematy malowania, 10 map, schematy organizacyjne. 19 pgs of colour profiles, 10 maps, 133 black/white photos. Dual Polish / English text..

Язык: польский с английским послесловием The titanic struggles on the Eastern front in WWII hold a special fascination for many. The largest and fiercest armoured battles ever fought were on the Soviet front. The gun–armour race kept a frantic pace in the east from ’42-’45 and this volume concentrates on the 3,564 T-34 chassis converted to assault guns to help stave off German technical superiority by providing the medium tanks with a heavier punch than their turreted brethren could.

Язык: польский 11 stron kolorowych, 108 fotografii, 22 stron planów w skali 1:35, English summary..

Язык: польский c английским саммари Monograph covering this French armoured cars for the modeller. 21 colour profiles. 13pp 1:35 & 1:72 scale plans. Diagrams. 97 b/w & 33 colour photos. 90 pages. Polish text with English summary and photo captions..

Язык: польский Organizacja jednostek Katiusz w Armii Czerwonej. 8 stron kolorowych, 70 fotografii, 16 schematów, 5 rysunków, 5 tabel. English summary..

Язык: польский 24 strony kolorowe, 153 fotografie, oryginalne plany w skali 1:35, rysunki mapy i tabele. Pełna historia niemieckiego "konia roboczego" Panzerwaffe. Pozycja zawiera doskonałe plany wozu bojowego. Połączone wydanie 141 i 147..


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