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The seventh volume of trucks and cars used by Germany during WWII..

This book covers the primary armored fighting vehicle of the Panzer Grenadiers, the Schutzenpanzerwagen..

Volume II covers Japanese prototypes and the later Me 263. Illustrated with b.w. photographs..

This book covers the Soviet heavy tanks KV-I and KV-II..

This book covers the design and use of the self-propelled armored vehicle Bison in WWII..

The famous Stuka is shown over a variety of fronts throughout its development..

Detailed look at the Blohm & Voss Bv 138 long range patrol flying boat. Includes 95 photos, illustrations and scale drawings, plus specifications..

A reprint of the German title that described the development and history of the Fi 156 Storch. Detailed photos and line drawings are included to add to the detailed text on this German plane..

This is the second volume describing the various German armored trains used during WWII..

Covers Ar 234, Do 217, Do 335, Ta 154, He 219, Ju 88, Bf 110 and many others. Illustrated with Black and White Photographs..

Covers the various models of the Junkers Ju 290 and its counterparts. Over 100 b/w photographs, line drawings..

Examines the development of ground-attack tactics and aircraft from the years prior to the start of World War 2 through to the final defeat of Nazi Germany in May 1945. Illustrated with photographs and colour artworks, this book covers Luftwaffe air power. It is of interest to modellers, and aviation historians.

Всем известная сказка братьев Гримм. На немецком языке.

Robert Schumann, one of the most beloved composers of the Romantic movement, embodied the passion and imaginative spirit of his age. Known for his musical and literary genius and his legendary romance with his wife Clara, Schumann was also plagued with debilitative bouts of depression that led him to live his last days in a German mental asylum.

"В книге представлены образцы стрелкового оружия разных стран за период 1945-1985 г. с подробным описанием и иллюстрациями. Язык немецкий Формат jpg файл разбит на три архива: (95,37+95,37+21,25)мб" .

Nuts & Bolts 16 Книга о полугусеничном бронеавтомобиле Schwerer Zugkraftwagen. История,Конструкция, модели. Фото,чертежи. .

Science and Islam provides a detailed account of the relationship between Islam and science from the emergence of the Islamic scientific tradition in the eighth century to the present time. This relationship has gone through three distinct phases. The first phase began with the emergence of science in the Islamic civilization in the eighth century and ended with the rise of modern science in the West; the second period is characterized by the arrival of modern science in the Muslim world, most of which at that time was under colonial occupation; and the third period, which began around 1950, is characterized by a more mature approach to the major questions that modern science has posed for all religious traditions.

The distinguished physicist describes the scientific principles of musical sound in a precise, non-technical way that will engage both amateur and serious musicians. Topics include development of human hearing, general properties of sound curves, transmission and reproduction of sound curves, methods of producing sound, and harmony and discord.

Это книга для тех, кто любит фотографию и хочет понять, как все это работает. Какие пределы резолюции изображения и какой уровень детализации необходим? Эти и другие вопросы, касающиеся человеческого восприятия цвета и субъективного качества изображения подробно раскрыты автором. .

The examination of structure at the microscopic scale, between micrometers and angstrom units, has changed dramatically in recent decades. Many new types of microscopy have emerged, notably the many scanning-probe designs, some of which also allow manipulation of atoms to form wanted structures, while others now permit direct observation of moving proteins in liquids.


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