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R is revolutionizing the world of statistical computing. Powerful, flexible, and best of all free, R is now the program of choice for tens of thousands of statisticians. Destined to become an instant classic, R Graphics presents the first complete, authoritative exposition on the R graphical system. Paul Murrell, widely known as the leading expert on R graphics, has developed an in-depth resource that takes nothing for granted and helps both neophyte and seasoned users master the intricacies of R graphics.

Rйalisez vos bagues en perles de cristal.

Geoffrey Pentland’s RAAF Camouflage & Markings series attempts to explain the different markings found on aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, Australia also followed suit. Many airmen to fly in Europe were initially trained in Australia - this is the focus of the first part of Volume 1.

Geoffrey Pentland’s RAAF Camouflage & Markings series attempts to explain the different markings found on aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. The second volume concentrates on the war in the Pacific from about 1943 until 1945. Here we see the camouflage and markings used on Supermarine Spitfires, Beaufighters, Beauforts, Vultee Vengeances, B-24 Liberators and C-47 Dakotas.

Отец, мать и их двое детей спокойно смотрели телевизор однажды вечером в их доме в Нью-Йорке, когда услышали какой-то шум, идущий от кухни. Отец пошел, чтобы посмотреть, что там случилос и наткнулся на енота, поедавшего корм из кошачьей тарелки. Енот бросился к кошачьему лазу в дверях, а отец прикры.

Prediction, reduction, and measurement of electromagnetic scattering from complex three-dimensional targets are the primary emphasis of this text, developed by the author from courses taught at the Naval Postgraduate School. The analysis methods discussed focus on physical optics and numerical solutions to Maxwell\'s equations (the method of moments and finite-difference solutions) as they apply to radar cross section.

Книга о применении велосипедов в Германской армии. Модели, фото, чертежи. .

Radiation dosimetry has made great progress in the last decade, mainly because radiation therapy is more widely used. Every medium to large sized hospital has an oncology department with at least one, generally more, linear accelerators for tumor treatment. Radiation dosimetry has become a common need in the medical world.

Special attention in the monograph is given to the effect of the type and concentration of impurity and alloying elements, and also phase changes on the mechanisms of buildup of radiation defects and damage to metallic materials under radiation. The accurate description of these processes is based on the considerations regarding the interaction of radiation point defects with each other and dissolved elements, the diffusion of point defects and dissolved elements, radiation-enhanced diffusion and phase transformations in irradiation.

Radiative forcing is a way to quantify an energy imbalance imposed on the climate system either externally (e.g., solar energy output or volcanic emissions) or by human activities (e.g., deliberate land modification or emissions of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and their precursors). The concept of radiative forcing has been central for guiding climate research and policy over the past two decades.

Antennas and Propogation for Wireless Communication covers the basics of wireless communication system design with emphasis on antennas and propagation. It contains information on antenna fundamentals and the latest developments in smart antennas, as well as the radiation effects of hand-held devices.

Югославское руководство по войсковому дозиметру M3 .

Radioisotope therapy is an internal form of radiation used to treat cancer; it may be administered orally or intravenously and represents the nearest treatment option to the \'magic bullet\', specifically targeting sites of disease whilst sparing surrounding normal tissues. Radioisotope therapy has an important role to play in modern medicine, particularly in the treatment of thyroid disease, neuroendocrine tumours, bone metastasis and non-Hodgkin\'s lymphoma.

RADIUS, or Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, is a widely deployed protocol that enables companies to authenticate, authorize and account for remote users who want access to a system or service from a central network server. Originally developed for dial-up remote access, RADIUS is now used by virtual private network (VPN) servers, wireless access points, authenticating Ethernet switches, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) access, and other network access types.

This is the annual corporate communication publication of the RAF, which is the third element of a family of publications that includes "Presenting the Royal Air Force" and "Aircraft & Weapons"..

Definitive volume on this workhorse of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Bill Gunston is veery well known as an aviation author and this book is up to the usual standard. Lots of B&W photos, informative text and detailed captions..

Using the extensive archives held at the Public Record Office, the author has brought to light more than 180 photographs taken by Coastal Command crews during WW2. They include some of the most remarkable pictures of the war, illustrating in vivid detail the actions fought by Coastal Command against U-boats, enemy warships, merchant ships and aircraft, over six years of war.

Part of the "Fotofax" series of pictorial studies of various military subjects. Illustrated with 84 b/w photographs (missing: last 7 photos), plus detail drawings and specifications of aircraft..

As a PHP developer, you have some great tools for developing web applications. Ruby on Rails is another key tool to add to your web development toolbox. Rails is a high-level web development framework that emphasizes high productivity and clean code. However, the Ruby language and Rails framework take a different approach from the way many PHP developers write applications.

Ramanujan occupies a unique place in analytic number theory. His formulas, identities, and calculations are still amazing three-quarters of a century after his death. Many of his discoveries seem to have appeared as if from the ether. His mentor and primary collaborator was the famous G. H. Hardy. Here, Hardy collects twelve of his own lectures on topics stemming from Ramanujan\'s life and work.


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