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*60 tests for practising essential vocabulary at Intermediate level *Wide variety of tests, including crosswords, cartoons, gap-fills, A-Z wordlist, and full answer key *Tips on learning vocabulary Толковое издание, полезное и интересное. Вообще форма теста в изучении языка - это то, что надо. .

Коллекция старинных книг по каллиграфии. Книга 6.

Pensions are a major public policy issue – in most countries, they represent a large portion of government fiscal obligations, a burden forecast to increase yet further as the ‘baby boom’ generation approaches retirement. At the same time, private pensions are a major component of financial markets and an important contributor to savings, investment and economic growth.

Pensions are a major public policy issue – in most countries, they represent a large portion of government fiscal obligations, a burden forecast to increase yet further as the ‘baby boom’ generation approaches retirement. At the same time, private pensions are a major component of financial markets and an important contributor to savings, investment and economic growth.

Pentaho Data Integration (a.k.a. Kettle) is a full-featured open source ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) solution. Although PDI is a feature-rich tool, effectively capturing, manipulating, cleansing, transferring, and loading data can get complicated. This book is full of practical examples that will help you to take advantage of Pentaho Data Integration’s graphical, drag-and-drop design environment.

Книга Тома Демарко и Тимоти Листера `Человеческий фактор: успешные проекты и команды` - 2-е издание всемирно известного бестселлера об управлении проектами разработки ПО. Первое издание содержало революционные по тем временам (1987 г.) идеи, которые выдержали проверку временем. Авторы скорректировали свои выводы и добавили несколько новых глав.

Испанский за три недели. Базовый аудиокурс От издателя В Ваших руках совершенно новый интенсивный курс испанского языка для начинающих, построенный по принципу полного самоучителя. Он создан на основе уникальных методик обучения испанскому языку иностранцев в университете города Барселона и специально адаптирован для русскоязычной аудитории.

This lecture presents the perfectly matched layer (PML) absorbing boundary condition (ABC) used to simulate free space when solving the Maxwell equations with such finite methods as the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method or the finite element method. The frequency domain and the time domain equations are derived for the different forms of PML media, namely the split PML, the CPML, the NPML, and the uniaxial PML, in the cases of PMLs matched to isotropic, anisotropic, and dispersive media.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and in today\'s supercompetitive business economy few things are as crucial to a company\'s bottom line as the quality of its customer service. This latest title in the popular Perfect Phrases series is just the thing for customer service employees and those who train and manage them.

THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIME Any successful leader will tell you: Giving a strong presentation is the most immediate and powerful way to set goals, form strategies, and sell your vision-to both internal and external audiences. Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations not only tells you how to plan and deliver your address, but also provides phrases for every part of the speech or presentation.

Hands-on help for quicklyand persuasivelywriting company-mandated performance appraisals Writing performance appraisals is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks managers face. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews simplifies the job, providing a comprehensive collection of phrases that managers can use to describe employee performance, provide directions for improvement, and more.

A follow-up to the top-selling Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews, this book provides managers with phrases and goals that describe expected future performance from their direct reports. A timesaving job aid for any performance review or plan, the book: Makes it easy for managers to set high performance goals for executives, management, or non-managers employees Includes many categories of goals, from revenue and productivity goals to quality and personal development goals • Facilitates the goal-setting process across the organization Includes a guide to writing a performance plan for any employee Featuring hundreds of ready-to-use performance goals, this practical job aid makes it simple for managers to set the bar for outstanding future results.

Язык: испанский Part one of a series building to a set of aviation histories, this is a review of this famous type of bi-plane with its history and design. Included is 14 full colour drawings, 50 black/white photos, and a sectional plan. Spanish Language text, captions in English..

Язык: испанский Part two of a series building to a complete set of aviation histories, the \'Angelito\' is put under the spotlight and its deployment in the Second World War. Included is 26 full colour drawings, 61 black and white photos, 3 maps, and a line drawing. Spanish language text, captions in English.

Язык: испанский Part three of the series building to a complete set of aviation histories. The \'Rayo/Blitz\' is here given detailed coverage with a background to its development and details of the planes in the 1930s. Included is 20 full colour drawings, 73 black and white photos and a sectional plan.

Книга содержит обширную коллекцию путей решения большинства проблем, возникающих при работе с языком Perl. Рассматривается широкий круг вопросов: от основ техники программирования до профессиональных тонкостей, от манипуляций со строками, числами и массивами до создания баз данных SQL, от сценариев CGI и Интернет-приложений до разработки серьезных систем клиент-сервер.

Книга посвящена всестороннему рассмотрению особенностей создания XML-приложений средствами языка Perl. Рассматриваются теоретические основы генерирования и синтаксического разбора XML-документов, обработка XML-деревьев, объектная модель документов (DOM), работа с потоками событий, а также Perl-модули различного назначения.

Когда филолог Ларри Уолл создавал первую версию компьютерного языка Perl, он, наверное, не подозревал, что его детищу будет суждена долгая и увлекательная жизнь. Perl понравился администраторам и web-программистам и прочно занял свою нишу в арсенале разработчиков. У каждого языка есть свои плюсы и минусы - спорить по поводу того, какой язык лучше, можно до бесконечности.

Perl by Example, Fourth Edition, is the easiest, most hands-on way to learn Perl. Legendary Silicon Valley programming instructor Ellie Quigley has thoroughly updated her classic to deliver the skills and information today’s Perl users need most–including all-new coverage of MySQL database programming and a Perl QuickStart designed to get experienced users up and running fast.

Отладчик Perl-программ является универсальным инструментом, который должен присутствовать в арсенале каждого программиста на языке Perl. Включенный во все базовые дистрибутивы Perl, отладчик позволяет программистам управлять исполнением программ, изучать переменные, устанавливать брейкпоинты и осуществлять пошаговое продвижение по программе, а также строка за строкой вести поиск источника проблем.


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