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Авторы доступно излагают основные принципы, требуемые для разработки приложений, использующих OpenGL. Текст написан понятно, четко и без лишних отступлений; материал иллюстрируется с помощью прекрасных примеров. Книга удачно структурирована, ее удобно использовать и как учебник, и как справочник; каждая глава завершается справочным разделом, в котором конспективно представлены все функции OpenGL, имеющие отношение к рассмотренной теме.

Programming Guide covers the entire OpenGL ES 2.0 API and pipeline with detailed examples, providing a guide for developing a wide range of high performance 3D applications for embedded devices. OpenGL ES 2.0 is a software interface for rendering sophisticated 3D graphics on handheld and embedded devices.

В этой книге рассказывается о бесплатном офисном пакете OpenOffice.org версии 3.0, являющемся отличной альтернативой Microsoft Office. В этом пакете вы найдете все, что нужно для ежедневной работы, - текстовый процессор Writer, редактор электронных таблиц Calc, программу для создания презентаций Impress, графический редактор Draw и многое другое.

Изложено краткое руководство по установке, настройке и основам работы с бесплатным офисным пакетом OpenOffice.org, проведено сравнение с пакетом MS Office. Приведены самые необходимые сведения для освоения программ пакета: текстового редактора, электронной таблицы, графического редактора, системы подготовки презентаций и редактора формул.

Компания «Инфра-Ресурс» при участии издательства «ДМК Пресс» представила книгу «OpenOffice.org pro Автоматизация работы». Эта книга - первое выходящее на русском языке издание по программированию в OpenOffice.org, в основу которого положен труд Эндрю Питоньяка (Andrew Pitonyak) в переводе А. Н.

Presenting updated coverage of openSUSE 11.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0, this reference is written by Novell insiders and boasts the most up-to-date information available. Topics covered include the openSUSE project, command line programs and implementing online services, virtualization, kernel updates, Enterprise Architecture, and more.

Additionally, this book provides details on openSUSE s acclaimed YaST administration tools, web programming, networking, and choosing from a wide selection of graphical interfaces and desktop environments, including both KDE and GNOME.Plan your openSUSE installation based on your computing needs Configure and use the X Window System–the Linux graphical interface–and the two primary desktop environments for Linux–KDE and GNOME Run OpenOffice.

This book provides in-depth information on OpenVPN. After three introductory chapters about VPNs, security, and OpenVPN, some chapters focus on basic OpenVPN issues like installation and configuration on various platforms. Then a block of chapters dealing with advanced configurations and security follows, and the book closes with a chapter on troubleshooting and an appendix full of Internet links.

Язык: испанский Se describen algunas de las grandes operaciones acorazadas de la II GM, desde los metodos de la blitzkrieg, hasta las peculiaridades de la lucha en el desierto, pasando por los gigantescos encuentros del frente oriental, sin olvidar otros, no menos dramaticos, del teatro europeo..

This book covers concepts, structure, and mechanisms of operating systems. Stallings presents the nature and characteristics of modern-day operating systems clearly and completely. Includes major programming projects. Offers step-by-step web support with CD/Rom Resources. A basic reference for those interested in learning more about operating systems; also suitable for self-study.

George Clayton\'s Operational Amplifiers is a well established undergraduate text - offering full coverage of the subject for HNC/HND electronic engineering as well as first and second year degree modules. It has also proved popular in industry as a reference text. Having previously been fully revised by Steve Winder, this classic textbook covers all the latest developments in the field, matched to current degree module syllabuses in both the UK and USA.

Featuring over 750 full-color illustrations, this text gives surgeons a thorough working knowledge of anatomy as seen during specific operative procedures. The book is organized regionally and covers 111 open and laparoscopic procedures in every part of the body. For each procedure, the text presents anatomic and technical points, operative safeguards, and potential errors.

The theme of the first Abel Symposium was operator algebras in a wide sense. In the last 40 years operator algebras have developed from a rather special discipline within functional analysis to become a central field in mathematics often described as non-commutative geometry (see for example the book "Non-Commutative Geometry" by the Fields medalist Alain Connes).

Техническое руководство к изделию компании Saco Defense. Пулемет М-60 был принят на вооружение армии США в конце 50-х годов прошлого века, и только в конце 1980-х его сменили бельгийские пулеметы М240 (FN MAG). При конструировании М-60 была использована схема питания немецкого MG-42, которая позволяла перемещать ленту в обоих направлениях.

Официальная публикация Национального банка Исландии совместно с Национальным музеем Исландии. История исландской валюты насчитывает около двухсот лет. В представленном издании предпринята попытка упорядочить и каталогизировать боны и монеты, имевшие хождение в Исландии. Содержаться их изображения. Боны представлены, начиная с 1771 года, а монеты - с 1926 (когда Исландия входила в состав Датского Королевства).

Opportunities in Journalism Careers offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers in the field of journalism. The book includes training and education requirements, salary statistics, and professional and Internet resources. .

In recent years, there has been increasing activity in the research and design of optical systems based on liquid crystal (LC) science. Bringing together contributions from leading figures in industry and academia, Optical Applications of Liquid Crystals covers the range of existing applications as well as those in development.

Keiser has developed this readable tour through the basics and cutting edge applications of optical communications for non-specialist engineers and lower tech readers. Broken into short, 20-25 page modules, complete with illustrations and sidebars, this is a completely new approach to the topic, ideal for use in the classroom, independent study, or corporate training.

This textbook provides senior undergraduates studying modern optics with a comprehensive account of optics and optical electronics. A large number of solved and unsolved problems are included in the book. The extensive coverage makes it valuable to postgraduates, and also to optical engineers, as a source of basic design information.

Optical science, the science that studies the nature of light, can be approached from several different angles. In this third edition of a successful and well-established text, the author focuses on physical and geometrical optics. The text is based largely on Fourier analysis and shows how this method can be used to describe wave propagation and diffraction and their applications to imaging, microscopy, X-ray crystallography, radio-astronomy, and communication.


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