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Не существует такой вещи как сексуальная энергия. Энергия едина и одинакова. Секс – это один из выходов, одно из направлений ее, это одно из применений энергии. Жизненная энергия едина, но она может проявляться в различных направлениях. Секс – одно из них. Когда жизненная энергия становится биологической, она принимает форму сексуальной.

Каталог банкнот,имевших хождение на территориях Португальских колоний (Ангола, Гвинея-Бисау, Кабо-Верде, Индия, Макао, Мозамбик, Тимор, Сан-Томе и Принсипи) в 20 веке. .

Book description Well before Ajax and Windows Presentation Foundation, Macromedia Flash provided the first method for building rich web pages. Now, Adobe is making Flash a full-fledged development environment, and learning ActionScript 3.0 is key. That s a challenge for even the most experienced Flash developer.

This soup-to-nuts collection of recipes covers everything you need to know to perform your job as a Linux network administrator, whether you\'re new to the job or have years of experience. With Linux Networking Cookbook, you\'ll dive straight into the gnarly hands-on work of building and maintaining a computer network.

Book description Well before Ajax and Windows Presentation Foundation, Macromedia Flash provided the first method for building rich web pages. Now, Adobe is making Flash a full-fledged development environment, and learning ActionScript 3.0 is key. That s a challenge for even the most experienced Flash developer.

В то время как Крестовые походы бушевали в Святой земле, Европа, также, была раздираема войной. Короли, дворяне, духовенство все соперничали за власть и богатство. Из этого кровопролития, однако возник один из наиболее соблюдаемых идеалов истории-Кодекс Рыцарства./ While the Crusades raged in the Holy Land, Europe, too, was torn apart by war.

A complete full-color overview of obesity surgery-written by the field\'s foremost experts Obesity Surgery: Principles and Practice brings together the top minds in the discipline who, collectively, deliver a benchmark reference that will prove indispensable for general and bariatric surgeons and residents.

Perl has always been a powerful and popular programming language, but with its new object capabilities, it can do even more. Written for anyone with a little Perl experience, Damian Conway\'s Object Oriented Perl provides an invaluable guide to virtually every aspect of object-oriented programming in Perl.

В книге "Objective-C 2.0 и программирование для Mac" имеется богатый материал по языку программирования Objective-C. Не секрет, что в настоящее время все стремятся научиться писать программы для Mac OS X или iPhone. Mac - мощная и интересная платформа, а Objective-C, основной язык для создания приложений для Mac OS X и iPhone, чудесно подходит для написания программного кода для нее.

It seems as if everyone is writing applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but how do they all do it? It’s best to learn Objective-C, the native language of both the iOSand Mac OS X, but where to begin? Right here, even if you’ve never programmed before! Objective-C for Absolute Beginners will teach you how to write software for your Mac, iPhone,or iPad using Objective-C, an elegant and powerful language with a rich set of developer tools.

Object-Oriented Design with Applications has long been the essential reference to object-oriented technology, which, in turn, has evolved to join the mainstream of industrial-strength software development. In this third edition--the first revision in 13 years--readers can learn to apply object-oriented methods using new paradigms such as Java, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.

Once listed in the "nice to have" sections of job postings, these days the knowledge of JavaScript is a deciding factor when it comes to hiring web developers. And rightly so. Where in the past we used to have the occasional few lines of JavaScript embedded in a web page, now we have advanced libraries and extensible architectures, powering the "fat-client", AJAX-type rich internet applications.

It can be tough to learn the concepts of object-oriented programming with a language like C++. Fortunately, PHP's simple object model makes it an ideal language for learning about object-oriented programming. For the uninitiated, this guide to the latest version of PHP offers a speedy introduction to object-oriented programming, including a thorough explanation of classes as well as coverage of constructors, destructors, inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces.

Отличная книга про использования ООП в PHP5 при разработке веб-приложений..

Objects of Metaphor puts forward a philosophical account of metaphor radically different from those currently on offer. Powerful and flexible enough to cope with the syntactic complexity typical of genuine metaphor, it offers novel conceptions of the relationship between simile and metaphor, the notion of dead metaphor, and the idea of metaphor as a robust theoretic kind.

Язык: словацкий Prehľad obrnenej techniky vyrobenej v Slovenskej republike v rokoch 1944 – 2001 členený podľa výrobcov do 8 hlavných častí: PANCIEROVЙ VLAKY SNP, PPS DETVA HOLDING a.s. DETVA, ZTS DUBNICA NAD VÁHOM PLUS a.s. DUBNICA NAD VÁHOM, WAY INDUSTRY, a.

The OA vz. 30 (Obrneny automobil vzor 30) was a Czechoslovak-designed armored car used by Nazi Germany, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary during World War II. Fifty-one were built, of which the Germans seized twenty-four when they occupied Bohemia-Moravia in March 1939 and the Slovaks captured eighteen when they declared independence from Czechoslovakia at the same time.

Illustrating a simple, novel method for solving an array of statistical problems, Observed Confidence Levels: Theory and Application describes the basic development of observed confidence levels, a methodology that can be applied to a variety of common multiple testing problems in statistical inference.

От издателя: Подготовка к сертификационным испытаниям с помощью официальных материалов издательства Oracle Press. В каждой из глав вы найдете подробное изложение экзаменационных материалов, а также практические вопросы и итоги главы, особо выделяющие главное из того, что вы узнали. Этот материал является наиболее полным и исчерпывающим из имеющихся на рынке учебников для подготовки к экзаменам на OCA.

Язык: чешский Tato kniha popisuje vznik německých obrněných jednotek ve dvacátých letech a jejich boje za druhй světovй války..


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