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Produced in the same style as the Jagdwaffe series (which concentrated on German day fighters), this is the first of a two-part history of the German Nachtjager the nightfighter force in World War II. The Luftwaffe used many aircraft in the night fighter role, primarily to combat RAF Bomber Command\'s nocturnal heavy bombing raids against German targets from 1940-41 onwards, and a cat-and-mouse development of aircraft enhancement, weapons, guidance systems, and radar took place.

In this volume, the later versions of the Ju88G, Fw 190 \'Wild Sau\', Do 217, Me 262, Ta 154 and others are examined in depth. The text is accompanied by a wide range of photographs, many of which are published here for the first time, together with color profiles and biographies of top nightfighter aces.

Язык: польский.

This book is directed at network administrators who want to find out about the condition of their systems and networks using an Open Source tool. It describes Nagios version 2.0. Contents Introduction 15 From Source Code to a Running Installation 23 1 Installation 25 1.1 Compiling the Source Code . .

Приемы нейл-арта на китайском языке, с понятными пошаговыми картинками, доступно всем. Будет интересно любителям нейл-арта и любителям рисовать на ногтях. Приемы техники One Stroke Painting, а также дизайны с применением аэрографа. Знание языка не требуется, все понятно по подробным иллюстрациям. Оригинальное решение размещения художественной композиции на ноготках.

Уроки нейл-арта с инструкциями и картинками. Знание японского языка не требуется, все понятно по подробным иллюстрациям. .

Using an employer-centered approach, this book shows how to nail the job interview by being prepared to respond well to critical interview questions. Outlining 101 questions and corresponding answers, it shows how to anticipate questions, develop thoughtful and compelling answers, focus on accomplishments, ask intelligent questions, and handle the interview situation with ease and confidence.

Уроки нейл-арта с инструкциями и картинками .

Уроки нейл-арта с инструкциями и картинками .

Язык: польский Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (sokół wędrowny) – jednosilnikowy, jednomiejscowy samolot myśliwski lotnictwa japońskiego z okresu II wojny światowej..

"... Армейский истребитель Тип 47, более известный как Накадзима Ki-27 или, по классификации Союзников, «Нэйт», был первым современным истребителем, поступившим на вооружение военно-воздушных сил императорской армии Японии. Чтобы проследить историю создания Ki-27, необходимо вернуться в середину 20-х годов прошлого века.

All variations and markings of the Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa are covered in this volume..

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft..

Before you spend two nickels on marketing, it is important to understand how those nickels should be spent. Q: With all the sexy new ways to do marketing from web sites to publicity with radio "shock jocks" what\'s an ambitious entrepreneur to do? A: Strip away all the hype and hoopla; get down to the basics of Naked Marketing.

Name Dropping: A No-nonsense Guide to the Use of Names in Everyday Language .

Югославское руководство по крупнокалиберной 12,7-мм снайперской винтовке .

Nanny Ogg, one of Discworld\'s most famous witches, here passes on some of her huge collection of tasty and interesting recipes. In addition to such dishes as Nobby\'s Mum\'s Distressed Pudding, Mrs. Ogg imparts her thoughts on such matters as life, death, and courtship..

Nanomaterials are a fast developing field of research and applications lie in many separate domains, such as in hi-tech (optics, electronics, biology, aeronautics), but also in consumer industries (automotive, concrete, surface treatments (including paints), cosmetics, etc.). .

Nanoparticle technology, which handles the preparation, processing, application and characterisation of nanoparticles, is a new and revolutionary technology. It becomes the core of nanotechnology as an extension of the conventional Fine Particle / Powder Technology. Nanoparticle technology plays an important role in the implementation of nanotechnology in many engineering and industrial fields including electronic devices, advanced ceramics, new batteries, engineered catalysts, functional paint and ink, Drug Delivery System, biotechnology, etc.

Nanoparticulates As Drug Carriers.


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