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The book details the uniforms and insignia of the Jager (hunters) and Schutzen (sharpshooters) in the German Imperial Army in the years leading up to WWI (1910-1914)..

Книга венгерского мастера в двух томах о третьем чемпионе мира. Том 1.Турнирные результаты и партии 1888-1925 гг. Часть партий прокомментирована..

Книга венгерского мастера в двух томах о третьем чемпионе мира. Том 2.Турнирные результаты и партии 1926-1942 гг. Часть партий прокомментирована..

Geared toward experienced developers, this reference demonstrates how Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and XML technologies can be used together to create more robust distributed applications and software systems. The use of XML technology to extend and enhance the capabilities of the J2EE platform is covered in detail.

The book begins by examining the limits of EJB technology -- what it does well and not so well. Then the authors guide you through alternatives to EJB that you can use to create higher quality applications faster and at lower cost -- both agile methods as well as new classes of tools that have evolved over the past few years.

Designed for writing programs that need to fit into embedded systems and other small environments, Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) has minimal resource requirements. J2ME in a Nutshell explains the J2ME way of doing things with a particularly handy mix of API documentation and example-centric tutorials. Kim Topley--who\'s written a couple of highly regarded books for Prentice-Hall\'s Java series--uses the proven Nutshell format to explain J2ME concisely but thoroughly.

Jack And The Beanstalk. Детская сказка, начитанная актрисой Nerys Hughes. Диктант с файлом ответа. /> Книга Книга в формате MP3, RTF.

В издании представлены модели женской одежды и аксессуары, связанные крючком..

Язык: польский Limited edition reprint of two titles, previously published separately, covering these German tank destroyers. Colour 4-views. 39 colour profiles. 1:35 drawings. 33 colour and 95 black/white photos. Polish text with English captions..

В конце 1942 года немецкая фирма "Крупп-Грузон" получила от управления вооружений задание на разработку штурмового орудия на базе среднего танка Pz Kpfw IV. Неуклонный количественный и качественный рост бронетанковых войск Красной Армии и англо-американских вооруженных сил требовал все больше эффективных средств для борьбы с ними.

As the tide of the air war against Germany swung in the Allies\' favor, so the Luftwaffe was forced onto the defensive. This book covers the Luftwaffe fighter response to the Allied daylight bomber offensive and the development of the heavily armed and armored Sturmgruppen which made mass, close-range attacks against the \'heavies\'.

200 photos & 27 color profiles, maps, & data tables Using very rare photographs, this is the story of how the fuel-starved Jagdwaffe covered and protected the relentless German retreat from the East along a 1,000km front through Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania to the skies over Berlin while suffering terrible attrition from the Soviet Air Force.

Rommel\'s advance into Egypt forced the Allies to retreat to the El Alamein defenses. As the British Eighth Army prepared for a massive offensive attack, there followed a period of stalemate on the ground, but in the air the Luftwaffe was faced with a numerically superior force. Luftwaffe\'s fighter units, outnumbered and continually starved of supplies, fought on in support of Rommel\'s final battles in North Africa and against the vital British island fortress of Malta.

Defeat in North Africa and the disastrous loss of Sixth Army at Stalingrad were undoubtedly huge blows to the Wehrmacht, but the most critical battle of 1943 was fought at Kursk. In the spring of 1943, the Russian front bulged into the German lines between Kharkov and Orel. Here, in July, German forces tried to regain the initiative on the Russian Front by a planned attack to pinch off this salient and straighten the front, but forewarned, the Soviets absorbed the German thrust and counterattack.

After clearing North Africa of Axis forces, the Allied planned to attack via Sicily and Italy. But after their success in invading Sicily, Allied commanders found that what was thought to be the \'soft underbelly of Europe\' turned out to be a \'tough old gut\' as German forces conducted a brilliant defence in Italy.

Part of the "Fotofax" series of pictorial studies of various military subjects. 97 b/w photographs, plus data, line drawings and detailed captions..

Язык: польский Kolejna publikacja o samolotach Jakowlewa dotyczy myśliwców Jak-1 i Jak-3. W książce znajdują się rozdziały o historii tych konstrukcji, przebiegu ich służby, malowaniach i oznakowaniach oraz oddzielny rozdział poświęcony szczegółowemu opisowi technicznemu.

Язык: польский Kolejna publikacja o samolotach Jakowlewa dotyczy myśliwców Jak-7 i Jak-9. W książce znajdują się rozdziały o historii tych konstrukcji, przebiegu ich służby, malowaniach i oznakowaniach oraz oddzielny rozdział poświęcony szczegółowemu opisowi technicznemu.

This book provides a self-contained introduction to Learning Language in Logic (LLL) and, at the same time, competently surveys the current state of the art of research in the area. The book has its origin in the first LLL workshop which took place in Bled, Slovenia in June 1999. Beyond revised workshop papers, a number of additional chapters were solicited from leading researchers in order to achieve complete coverage of all current aspects and to introduce the new area to a broader audience.

Известный ежегодный авиационный справочник Jane\'s All the World\'s Aircraft издается с 1910 года. Содержатся информация и ТТХ военных и гражданских самолетов и вертолетов, авиационных ракет, БПЛА, планеров, дельтапланов, дирижаблей, спутников и космических аппаратов, авиационных двигателей, выпускавшихся во всем мире (группировка по странам) в 1975 году.


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