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Dive deep into the architecture of Exchange Web Servicesand master the intricacies for accessing data with the new unifying API. Exchange Web Services offers new functionality, replacing old, disparate APIs. This practical guide introduces developers to Exchange Web Services. It includes comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the architecture and key features, including messaging, folders, calendaring, tasks, notifications, searching, availability, and autodiscovery.

This thorough, hands-on reference for database developers and administrators delivers expert guidance on sophisticated uses of Transact-SQL (T-SQL)—one of the most familiar and powerful programming languages for SQL Server. Written by a T-SQL guru, this guide focuses on language features and how they are interpreted and processed by the SQL Server execution engine.

Tackle the toughest set-based querying and query tuning problems—guided by an author team with in-depth, inside knowledge of T-SQL. Deepen your understanding of architecture and internals—and gain practical approaches and advanced techniques to optimize your code’s performance. Discover how to: .

Inside Out - многоуровневый курс английского языка нового поколения для изучающих английский язык на курсах или в высших учебных заведениях. В этом комплекте предоставляется курс уровня Elementary (Начинающий) Доп. информация: The package includes StudentBook, WorkBook and listening material connected to them.

Inside Out - многоуровневый курс английского языка нового поколения для изучающих английский язык на курсах или в высших учебных заведениях. В этом комплекте предоставляется курс уровня Pre-Intermediate. Каждый уровень курса рассчитан на 100-120 часов аудиторных занятий. Гармонично сочетает в себе последние достижения теории и практики преподавания английского языка и реализует личностно-ориентированный подход к студенту.

By focusing on the human side as well as the intellectual dimensions of how economists work and think, this collection of interviews with top economists of the 20th century becomes a startling and lively introduction to the modern world of macroeconomics. A fun read! Acclaim for Inside the Economist\'s Mind "In candid interviews, these great economists prove to be fabulous story tellers of their lives and times.

It is expected that this book will be of interest and of use to senior undergraduate students, graduate students, computer scientists, numerical analysts, engineering professionals, specialists in parallel and distributed computing, and researchers working in computational mathematics in general. The bookalso has potential as a supplementary text for undergraduate and graduate courses offered in mathematical science, computer science, and engineering programs.

This outstanding history is packed with modern color photography of World War II\'s best-known tanks. Among the armored fighting vehicles covered are the legendary M4 Sherman, the most famous tank of WWII; the Churchill and Cromwell, which battled their way from Normandy to Hamburg; the Russian T-34, triumphant over the Germans from Stalingrad to the streets of Berlin; and the M60 Patton and Super Sherman, which saw fierce fighting in the Middle East.

An organizations employees are often more intimate with its computer system than anyone else. Many also have access to sensitive information regarding the company and its customers. This makes employees prime candidates for sabotaging a system if they become disgruntled or for selling privileged information if they become greedy.

Издание посвящено возникновению, становлению и развитию ВВС Латвии в период с 1918-40 г.г. Текст книги иллюстрирован множеством уникальных фото и цветными вклейками на которых изображены самолеты, опознавательные знаки и камуфляж использовавшийся в указанный период в Латвийских ВВС, а так же ТТХ самолетов.

Structured innovation is a key goal for every organization whereby they more effectively meet the needs of customers and operate more efficiently. Insourcing Innovation demonstrates how to transform business using the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) along with applicable tools and techniques.

Hundreds of photographs, diagrams, and detailed instructions show you everything that’s involved, from the basic materials to the most effec-tive techniques. Find out about building codes, panels, fasteners, installation, and problem areas such as curved walls and arches. Check out finishing tools (reinforcement tapes, quickset joint compounds, knives, and trowels) and professional secrets on resisting moisture, sanding, and decorating.

Издательство: testout.com Формат: iso Размер: 712mb Серия или Выпуск: MCSA or MCSE Certification Course Язык: English Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional(70-270) Курс подготовки, для сдачи на сертификат Майкрософт, включает в себя видео уроки, демонстрации, лабораторные работы, симуляциии экзаменов cd1 http://rapidshare.

Каждый полиглот просто обязан иметь этот комплект! А в наше время он не помешает и каждому из нас... Комплект на 6 CD для обучения 102 языкам мира с помощью запатентованного метода, позволяещего в самые короткие сроки освоить не только грамматику, но и произношение, и даже интонации, присущие изучаемoму языку.

This book provides the reader with knowledge needed to understand and apply the symbols and documents used to define a modern industrial instrumentation and control system. The documents that describe modern industrial processes, like most technical work, assume some level of understanding on the readers part.

Plan, implement, and troubleshoot any type of insulation application Invaluable to anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of thermal insulation, Insulation Handbook, by Richard T. Bynum and Daniel L. Rubino, is a thorough guide to all the important methods, materials, and concepts associated with it, along with sound problem-solving advice.

Half of the world¹s 100 largest economies are not nations, they are corporations. A mere 500 companies control 70 percent of world trade. Such concentrations of wealth pose a clear and present danger to the health of our democracy. Corporate campaign cash elects our politicians. Corporate lobbyists write our laws.

Красочная книга по инкрустации, мозаике деревом по дереву..

The theory of nonlinear systems and, in particular, of integrable systems is related to several very active fields of research in theoretical physics. Many mathematical aspects of nonlinear systems, both continuous and discrete, are analyzed here with particular emphasis on the domains of inverse-scattering techniques, singularity analysis, the bilinear formalism, chaos in nonlinear oscillators, Lie-algebraic and group-theoretical methods, classical and quantum integrability, bihamiltonian structures.

This book covers the design and construction of simple passive solar water heaters. In my opinion, it is easily the best book ever written on the subject. The book was published in 1981, and is now out of print and difficult to obtain. Passive Solar Water Heaters: The water heaters covered in this book make a great DIY solar project.


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