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In a world of increasing globalisation, where one high street becomes interchangeable with the next, Identity by Design addresses the idea of place-making and the concept of identity, looking at how these things can be considered as an integral part of the design process..

Tracked Armour of the Modern Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) . Photographs of the main tracked armoured fighting vehicles currently in service, both on exercise and in technical detail. Illustrated throughout with 298 colour photographs. Complete English and German text..

Reader\'s review: Learning idioms is an essential element for English as a Second Language students. This book not only contains an extensive list of useful and commonly used idioms but, in contrast to others, includes exercises with each lesson helping ensure that the material is remembered..

Учебник по подготовке к экзамену ielts. .

Новейший учебный курс по IELTS: учебник в 170 страниц, позволяющий отработать все базовые skills. В Лондоне на Oxford street стоит 24 фунта. Пароля на архиве нет. Архив уплотнил - в оригинале было 209 метров - кому надо? .

A book is providing comprehensive preparation for reading and writing sections of IELTS gereral training module. Perfect for use in the classroom and for individual study. Key features: The book is a part of a complete training course for students intending to sit the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

От авторов: The product you’re reading now is much more than a study guide- it is a tactical weapon designed to exploit weaknesses in the test itself, and help you avoid the most common errors students make when taking the IELTS. .

Язык: хорватский.

Язык: хорватский World War II Warships. Sadržaj: Predgovor; Uvod; Njemačka; Italija; Japan; Velika Britanija; Francuska; Sjedinjene Američke Države..

Язык: хорватский Sadržaj: Predgovor; Njemačka; Italija; Japan; Poljska; Velika Britanija; Francuska; Kanada; Sovjetski Savez; Sjedinjene Američke Države..

Describes the main computer modeling techniques that constitute the framework of modern power system analysis. After describing the main computational and transmission system developments influencing power system analysis, the book covers load or power flow, AC system faults and the electromechanical behavior of power systems.

Книга является полным и исчерпывающим руководством по информационным службам Интернета (IIS 6), которые входят в состав операционной системы Windows Server 2003. В ней изложены серьезные технические сведения о технологиях, используемых в Интернете. Вы найдете здесь описание основных служб IIS (WWW, FTP, NNTP, SMTP), включая их администрирование, настройку и назначение каждого параметра, сведения о безопасности, шифровании, протоколах TCP/IP, системе доменных имен DNS и аутентификации.

One of a series of booklets covering individual warships from around the world with an authoritative text and many black and white illustrations..

The Imperial Japanese Navy\'s 18inch-gun battleship Yamato and her sister ship Musashi were tragic ships indeed in all respects. For one thing, neither of them was ever employed for the purpose for which they were designed. They had been designed and built to take the lead in the world naval big gun race.

Built in 1940, Yukikaze took part in WWII from the very beginning and was involved in almost every sea battle. She nevertheless survived the war without receiving a single hit from shell, bomb, torpedo or mine..

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft..

Язык: итальянский Completa e documentatissima storia tecnico-operativa del caccia RE 2000 - Moltissime foto, spaccati e disegni anche a colori. E inoltre: i progetti Pegna - il P.32bis - il Procellaria..

Язык: итальянский Completa e documentatissima storia tecnico-operativa del caccia RE 2001 - Moltissime foto, spaccati e disegni anche a colori..

Язык: итальянский / английский The German author covers in deep the story ofmany ex-Regia Aeronautica aircraft seized by Luftwaffe after 8 September 1943 with many new documents, photographs and tables. In questa monografia l\'autore tedesco Hans Werner Neulen ha concentrato la storia completa degli aerei ex-Regia Aeronautica in servizio nella Luftwaffe dopo l\'8 settembre 1943.

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