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Книга о Германском военно-морском флоте времен Второй мировой войны. .

Covers the different types of trucks and cars used by Germany in WWII. B/w photographs, line drawings..

In the second half of the eighteenth century, German philosophy dominated European philosophy, changing the way Europeans and people all over the world conceived of themselves and thought about nature, religion, human history, politics, and the structure of the human mind. In this rich and wide-ranging book, Terry Pinkard interweaves the story of "Germany"--changing during this period from a loose collection of principalities into a newly-emerged nation with a distinctive culture--with an examination of the currents and complexities of its developing philosophical thought.

Книга о германских ж/д орудях - 280 мм. \'Леопольд\' К5 (Е) 59 стр Цветные, ч/б фотографии .

The German Schnellboote or S-Boat was known to the British as the E-Boat. Although initially their hunting ground was the English Channel and the North Sea as the war progressed the S-Boat flotillas were sent to the Baltic, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and this Profile Touches on all the operational theatres.

This is a detailed review of the establishment and activities of government flight-test centers in Germany from the resumption of flight testing in the 1920s until the end of the Second World War. The authors begin with the secret testing in cooperation with the Red Army in the 1920-30s and cover the major locations where testing was conducted including Johannisthal, Lipetsk, Rechlin, Travemünde, Tarnewitz and Peenemünde-West.

50 b/w photographs, 10 pages in color, 1/35 scale drawings. Includes 205/1 and 205/2 Maus, E-100 super heavy tank, Pz.Kpfw.VII Lowe..

Новое издание книги Jean de Lagarde, представлено как фотографическое эссе о немецких мундирах второй мировой войны. Показана униформа III Рейха различных периодов войны, примеры ношения, знаки отличия и всевозможные бытовые армейские вещи..

Книга о истории Германского подводного флота .

Фотоальбом немецкой бронетехники, сохранившейся до наших дней. .

Фотоальбом униформы и экипировки немецкой армии второй половины XIX - первой половины XX вв. Основной материал - по началу XX века, Первой мировой войне. На англ. и нем. яз. 676 фотографий..

This book discusses supply troops of the Wehrmacht, the trucks of the Wehrmacht, German trucks, and captured trucks and products of occupied countries. The appendix covers motor vehicle numbers and markings, tactical symbols of the supply troops, paint schemes, and the motor vehicle service medal, among other topics.

Germany\'s fighting machine : her army, her navy, her airships, and why she arrayed them against the allied powers of Europe..

During the course of war, man\'s ingenuity inevitably results in the development of new tools of destruction. At no time and place in history has this been more true than World War II Germany, when scientists and engineers of the Third Reich mounted a campaign intended to change the face of warfare itself.

This first volume, of a three-volume set, covers the history, development and production history of the Tiger tank variants from the ideas conception to the end of Tiger I production. This includes details on the development series known as the D.W., VK 30.01(H), VK 30.01(P), VK 36.01(H), VK 45.01(P) as well as the Tiger I.

This volume covers development from the VK 45.02(P), VK 45.03(H) to the modifications under design for the Tiger II at the end of the war. All of this illustrated with scale drawings by Hilary L. Doyle combined with drawings, sketches, and photographs..

Язык: немецкий Die U-Boot-Waffe wurde in zwei Weltkriegen nirgends so weitreichend entwickelt wie in Deutschland. Es gibt keinen Truppenteil, der in den Anfängen so große Erfolge verzeichnen konnte wie dieser. Der Autor beschreibt in diesem Titel nicht nur die wichtigsten deutschen Unterseeboote, ihre Organisation, Waffensysteme und Erbauer, sondern zeichnet vor dem Hintergrund der beiden Kriege ein Bild vom Dasein der U-Boot-Waffe.

Шапки, шляпы, украшения для волос в стиле хип-хоп, связанные крючком. Фотографии, словесное описание, схемы. Celebrities such as Erykah Badu, Dennis Rodman, Common, and Lauryn Hill are huge fans of Afya Ibomu’s colorful hats and caps. In GET YOUR CROCHET ON!: Hip Hats and Cool Caps, Afya presents 20 step-by-step patterns of her most popular designs for women, men, and children.

Getting Started in Currency Trading is both an introduction and reference tool for beginning and intermediate foreign exchange (Forex) traders. This information-packed resource opens with a description of the Forex market and a section of clearly defined Forex terms with examples. You learn how to open your own trading account by following step-by-step instructions and numerous screen shots that show you what expect inside a dealers trading platform.

Anyone mystified by stock options or who simply dismisses them as too speculative will find Getting Started in Options an excellent first read on the subject. Beginning with the premise that it\'s not the complexity of the investment but that of its language that makes options difficult for new investors to understand, author Michael C.


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