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Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics provides an elegant introduction to the geometric concepts that are important to applications in robotics. This second edition is still unique in providing a deep understanding of the subject: rather than focusing on computational results in kinematics and robotics, it includes significant state-of-the art material that reflects important advances in the field, connecting robotics back to mathematical fundamentals in group theory and geometry.

The two fields of Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry, though closely related, are traditionally represented by two almost disjoint scientific communities. Both fields deal with objects defined by algebraic equations, but the objects are studied in different ways. This contributed book presents, in 12 chapters written by leading experts, recent results which rely on the interaction of both fields.

This book is the sequel to Geometric Transformations I which appeared in this series in 1962. Part I treas length-preserving transformations, this volume treats shape-preserving transformations; and Part III treats affine and protective transformations. These classes of transformations play a fundamental role in the group-theoretic approach to geometry.

These 30 wild designs spin outward from a center point to create geometric patterns reminiscent of twisters, tornadoes, black holes, and other spiral storms. Unique, complex, and full-page designs form an open invitation to colorists of all ages looking for a challenge..

This book reconstructs, from both historical and theoretical points of view, Leibniz\'s geometrical studies, focusing in particular on the research Leibniz carried out in the last years of his life. It is indeed the first ever comprehensive historical reconstruction of Leibniz\'s geometry that meets the interests of both mathematicians and philosophers.

James Edgar Thompson “Geometry for the Practical Worker" .

Geometry, algebra, and trigonometry by vector methodsMb.

In this compelling book, top scholars from diverse fields describe the progress they have made in developing a general theory of leadership. Led by James MacGregor Burns, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the classic Leadership (1978), they tell the story of this intellectual venture and the conclusions and questions that arose from it.

Level 1 George is the manager of the Happy Holiday Hotel. He’s very excited because a famous TV star is going to stay in his hotel. But poor George makes a terrible mistake… .

From James Rees, Executive Director of Mount Vernon, comes anenlightening guide to the leadership wisdom of America\'s first great leader. George Washington was more than just an inspiring battlefield commander; he was critical to the founding and success of the United States ofAmerica. His leadership, his vision, and his courage united a war-torncountry and set the United States on the path to greatness.

Since the release of the first edition in 2000, significant strides have been made regarding the acceptance of heat pump technology by operators and technicians, as well as by the public. Finally, the gap between national Kyoto Protocol goals and actual CO2 emissions is being addressed with new policies.

Geothermal Power Plants: Principles, Applications and Case Studies is the latest book from Ron DiPippo, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. It is a single resource on all aspects of the utilization of geothermal energy for electric power generation. Written in one voice by a respected authority in the field with twenty-five years of experience in geothermal research, teaching, and consulting, it is intended for those involved in any aspect of the geothermal industry.

Раритет - первое полное издание атласа Меркатора, вышедшее через год после его смерти. Великолепное издание с прекрасными иллюстрациями было опубликовано после смерти Меркатора его сыном Румольдом в 1595 году. Меркатор - фламандский картограф и географ 16 века. Родился 5 марта 1512 в Рупельмонде (Восточная Фландрия, ныне Бельгия).

Full details of this design using colour photos of preserved examples, b/w wartime photos and accurate scale drawings. 15pp scale drawings. 182 colour & 31 b/w photos..

Книга о авиационных интерьерах люфтваффе. Кабины, приборы. Фото, чертежи. .

Подробный иллюстрированный справочник по самолетам германской авиации времен Первой мировой войны. История,фотографии,тактико-технические характеристики. .

Pictorial Chronicle of airmen and aircaft that forged Geman airpower Фотопутеводитель по немецким и австрийским самолетам Первой мировой войны. .

Книга посвящена противотанковой артиллерии вермахта в период 2-й Мировой войны. Приводятся ТТХ основных артиллерийских систем, их преимущества и недостатки. Книга иллюстрирована фотографиями и цветными вклейками..

This book vividly illustrates the ways in which buildings designed by many of Germany\'s most celebrated twentieth-century architects, were embedded in widely held beliefs about the power of architecture to influence society. German Architecture for a Mass Audience also demonstrates the way in which these modernists ideas have been challenged and transformed, most recently in the rebuilding of central Berlin.

Книг о экспериментальных и малосерийных проектах немецкой бронетехники времен Второй мировой войны.(Neubaufahrzeug, Luchs, Flammpanzer,Tauchpanzer, Krokodil, Leopard, Lowe, Bar и др.) .


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