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In this two volume set, educators explore the intersection of gender and education. Their entries deal with educational theories, research, curricula, practices, personnel, and policies, but also with variations in the gendering of education across historical and cultural contexts. The various contributors discuss gender as a social construction.

This engaging text presents the latest scientific findings on gender differences, similarities, and variations--in sexuality, cognitive abilities, occupational preferences, personality, and social behaviors. The impact of nature and nurture on gender is examined from the perspectives of genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary theory, neuroanatomy, sociology, and psychology.

General de Brigade Napoleonic wargames rules use infantry battalions, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries as the basic tactical units. The figure scale is 1:20. General de Brigade comes with several battle scenarios that include historical information about the battle, the protagonists' missions, deployment, orders of battle, terrain and reinforcement schedules: Vimiero (August 21, 1808): Wellington's British face a French army in Portugal under General Andoche Junot.

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft..

Формат архива: RAR, 3% на восстановление Размер архива 10 Mb Книга описывающая ремонт и эксплуатацию американских «мыльниц» - минивэнов Chevrolet Lumina, Oldsmobile Silhouette, Pontiac Trans Sport. Данные автомобили по сути отличались только эмблемами. Общий стиль – огромное лобовое стекло, установленное под малым углом к горизонтали, совершенная аэродинамика, очень низкий коэффициент лобового сопротивления, пластиковые панели кузова закреплённые на стальной раме.

The book contains invited papers by well-known experts on a wide range of topics (economics, variational analysis, probability etc.) closely related to convexity and generalized convexity, and refereed contributions of specialists from the world on current research on generalized convexity and applications, in particular, to optimization, economics and operations research.

"В романе "Генерация "П" Виктор Пелевин (возможно, одним из первых в истории постперестроечной литературы) вбивает осиновый кол в грудь капиталистического общества потребления. Разумеется, мы далеки от мысли, что Виктор Олегович играет на коммунистическом поле, однако стоит прислушаться и посмотреть правде в глаза: те самые, кто пользуется плодами установившегося в стране лживо-телевизионного гламура, отчего-то обожают читать о самих себе в уничижительных красках, доказывая один из тезисов: "Поглощение любых ценностей (не только материальных, но и духовных) превращается в процесс дефекации".

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Главный герой романа, представитель поколения П с соответствующими юношескими идеалами, опускается до торговца в киоске, потом осваивает интеллектуальную халтуру на ниве рекламы, а в итоге становится... земным воплощением мужа богини Иштар, только вместо супружеской функции исполняет рекламную. Вся прелесть пелевинского романа в том, что его каждый воспринимает по-своему: это и глубокая эзотерика и блестящее надругательство над рекламой, и политический памфлет и философская фантастика.

ENETIC DEMOCRACY involves an in-depth analysis of the ethical, social and philosophical issues related to modern genetic research and gene technology. The aim of the book is to introduce systematic research on the social and ethical impacts of the use and development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as well as the acquisition, use and storage of human genetic information (HGI).

Like his counterpart in the U.S., prominent origami artist and scientist Robert J. Lang, Jun Maekawa approaches origami from the perspective of mathematical and geometric principles. In Genuine Origami, Maekawa takes readers, step-by-step, through the fundamentals of his method, beginning with the basics and guiding them through simple figures (a mouse, an elephant, Santa Claus) all the way up to such highly sophisticated models as his signature creations, the devil and the peacock.

This book is an introductory text for all earth scientists interested in learning about the quantitative description of geological problems. It contains chapters on heat flow, sedimentary basin modelling, mechanics of continental deformation, PT path modelling, geomorphology and mass transfer and more.

Working in the field contributes a crucial element to our knowledge and understanding of Earth processes, whether it is the prediction of volcanic eruptions, understanding periods of past climate change recorded in sedimentary deposits, deciphering an episode of mountain building, or working out where to fi nd mineral resources.

No engineering structure can be built on the ground or within it without the influence of geology being experienced by the engineer. Yet geology must remain an ancillary subject to students of engineering and it is therefore essential that their training is supported by a concise, reliable and usable text on the subject of geology and its relationship to engineering.

A geomembrane is defined as a very low permeability synthetic or reinforced bituminous sheet placed in contact with soil. They are used extensively in transportation applications (tunnels), environmental applications (landfills, sand reservoirs) and geotechnical related applications (dams) in substitution or in addition to compacted clay, bentonite, concrete, steel and bituminous materials.

Geometric algebra (a Clifford Algebra) has been applied to different branches of physics for a long time but is now being adopted by the computer graphics community and is providing exciting new ways of solving 3D geometric problems. John Vince (author of numerous books including Geometry for Computer Graphics and Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics) has tackled this complex subject in his usual inimitable style, and provided an accessible and very readable introduction.

This reference features papers from the Special Session of the American Mathematical Society Meeting held in 1990 at the University of North Texas, Denton - discussing and developing research on boundary value problems for nonlinear partial differential equations and related problems.;Written by more than 15 authorities in the field, Geometric Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: presents methods and results of the convex bodies and geometric inequalities theory and its applications to differential equations, geometry, and mathematical physics; details recent studies on Monge-Ampere equations, emphasizing geometric inequalities governing a priori estimates of solutions and existence theorems of the Dirichlet problem for convex generalized solutions and showing the proofs of all theorems; examines the generalization of the isoperimetric inequality for two-dimensional general convex surfaces whose integral Gaussian curvature is less than 2 pi; and contains open problems on the theory of surfaces with constant mean curvature.

Geometric Aspects Of Dwork Theory (De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics) By Francesco Baldassarri, Pierre Berthelot, Nicholas Katz, Francois Loeser.

This volume of original research papers from the Israeli GAFA seminar during the years 1996-2000 not only reports on more traditional directions of Geometric Functional Analysis, but also reflects on some of the recent new trends in Banach Space Theory and related topics. These include the tighter connection with convexity and the resulting added emphasis on convex bodies that are not necessarily centrally symmetric, and the treatment of bodies which have only very weak convex-like structure.

How can linkages, pieces of paper, and polyhedra be folded? The authors present hundreds of results in this comprehensive look at the mathematics of folding. A proof shows that it is possible to design a series of jointed bars moving only in a flat plane that can sign a name or trace any other algebraic curve.


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