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Do you like pencil puzzles and games? Are you tired of playing tic-tac-toe and hangman? If you can count from 1 to 9,then sudoku is perfect for you! Sudoku is like a jigsaw puzzle but without all the messy pieces. Turn the page and we’ll show you step-by-step how to solve an exciting sudoku puzzle.

Launched in 1991, award-winning Architecture in Detail books focus on individual seminal buildings, celebrating their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a text by a respected author, a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs, and a set of technical drawings and working details.

This book highlights the very successful and much diversified group of organisms, the insects, and deals with some interesting aspects of insect life, which are often ignored in entomology textbooks. There are chapters on ants making "slaves;" insect migrations; chemical defence strategies; parental care and love; AIDS and insects; killer bees; and intelligence.

Эта книга посвящена применению концепций и методов модной фотографии для портретной и свадебной фотографии, позволяющих создавать выдающиеся работы .

В ее второй книге, проектировщик Rosemarie Ionker представляет образцы одежды для кукол 18 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm и 31 cm.

Bringing the Jazz Age to life through the clothes of the flappers and "Thoroughly Modern Millies," "Fashions of a Decade: The 1920s" revisits an important part of social and cultural history. As the fabric of society changed, fashion took on a life of its own - exploding with new colors and trends - alongside the innovative rhythms and styles of jazz music.

Completely revised in full-color, "Fashions of a Decade: The 1930s" examines the role of fashion as it made its way through the Great Depression, exploring the social and cultural aspects of history through a softer lens. Cheaper fabrics that imitated luxury items such as nylon and artificial silks became popular, along with clothing that featured a more muted palette and longer, more flowing lines.

"Fashions of a Decade: The 1940s" traces the mobilization of clothing trends as they marched across the war-ravaged world. Women began wearing outfits featuring wide, padded shoulders, a narrow waistline, thin hips, and a skirt that fell just below the knee, much in the image of a soldier\'s uniform, while men sported clothing shaped like an inverted triangle from shoulder to waist.

Clothing has been a consistent recorder of history through the years, documenting the heights of fashion as it threaded its way through post-war society. "Fashions of a Decade: The 1950s" traces this intricate history, from nylon stockings and stiletto heels to full skirts and slim-fitting bodices to Baby Doll nightwear and textured leisure suits.

"Fashions of a Decade: The 1960s" delves into the free-spirited clothing trends of this time period, exploring history from a social and cultural angle. From the far-out fads of beatniks and hippies, popularized by Bob Dylan, to rock star rebels, epitomized by Mick Jagger, to boyish fashion models, captured by the British waif, Twiggy, this revised, full-color volume brings the peace-loving threads of the \'60s back to life in good style.

"Fashions of a Decade: The 1970s" brings this period of history to life through the clothing that helped define it. From platform shoes and bell-bottoms to miniskirts and hot pants, to Afghans and cheesecloth fabrics, the seventies remains one of the most diverse decades in clothing history. Perfect for lay readers or historians alike, this revised, full-color volume explores the many facets of this exciting topic.

"Fashions of a Decade: The 1980s" explores the enthralling history of fashion as it recreated itself through the popular trends of the eighties. From the designer suits of yuppie men and women to ripped jeans to the mini-crinoline craze to the eloquent fashion sense of Princess Diana, the 1980s encapsulates a time when it became fashionable to make money and dress well.

"Fashions of a Decade: The 1990s" recounts the history of fashion as it threaded its way through this exciting era. From silk walking shorts to bike leathers to layered minidresses to stretch-velvet jump suits, the 1990s represented a period of fun, innovative clothing styles that could be sold at affordable prices for the average person.

Книга посвящена описанию новой высокоскоростной сетевой технологии Fast Ethernet. Рассматриваются вопросы планирования сети Fast Ethernet, примеры сетевых конфигураций и возможность их применения в реальных сценариях. Обсуждаются нюансы выбора оборудования. Приложения содержат важную техническую информацию для пользователей, включая полный текст стандарта.

Fast Fluency наполнена интересными заданиями, которые дают Вам возможность использовать свой английский, чтобы говорить обо всем! Но Вам не следует просто читать эту книгу, Вам следует разговаривать с людьми. Книга разбита на 20 уроков, которые можно проходить в любой последовательности. Каждый урок состоит из единообразных частей: 1) Беседа 2) Вариации 3) Ваша очередь 4) Обсуждение идей 5) Попробуй сам Тематика разнообразна и взята непосредственно из повседневной жизни: начиная с приветствий и прощаний, заканчивая праздниками, разговорами на работе, транспорте и в др.

Потерять вес и великолепно себя чувствовать даже если вы слишком заняты, чтобы правильно питаться. .

Как читать? Вопрос не праздный, хотя, на первый взгляд, может показаться наивным.Велика, мол, мудрость—бери и читай! Но каждый ли грамотный человек действительно умеет «куль¬турно» читать? Каждый ли читающий уверенно скажет, что пони¬мает и запоминает все прочитанное? Что такое читательский та¬лант—природный дар или результат упорного труда? Благо или блажь быстрое чтение? А медленное—недостаток или необходи¬мость? Вопросы, вопросы.

Build robust Excel 2010 apps quickly and efficiently Known as "Mr. Spreadsheet," John Walkenbach\'s name is synonymous with excellence in computer books that explain the complexities of various topics. With this collection of favorite Excel tips and tricks, you get a unique look at ways to make Excel 2010 more efficient than you ever imagined.

Colorists with a fondness for these high-spirited animals will be delighted with John Green\'s accurate renderings of 30 different equine breeds, among them showhorses such as the Andalusian and Missouri fox trotter, sleek thoroughbreds, pintos, Arabian, and sturdy workhorses.


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