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The authors provide readers with a greater ability to employ material processes for their own designs. Packed with stunning images, Fabrication is an ideal reference for designers who wish to learn more about contemporary technology and design inspiration in abundance..

Приятно получать подарки сделанные своими руками, а еще приятнее если они еще и красиво оформлены. Самодельные коробочки оригами незаменимая вещь в этом! В этих коробочках можно еще и хранить разные мелочи, конфеты, а какое применение придумаете вы? Книга с уроками по созданию коробочек оригами на.

This book demonstrates the principles of facade construction. Guidelines are suggested for good detailing. The installation procedures are described for the most common materials �Cglass, wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum. Numerous drawings made specially for the book explain the principles of the individual types of facade which are then illustrated with built examples.

The Facebook API allows web developers to create Facebook applications and access Facebook data from other applications. Facebook API Developers Guide covers the use and implementation of the Facebook API—what the key features are and how you can access them. You will learn, through practical examples, the main features of the Facebook API including an introduction to the API–specific languages FQL and FBML.

The first in Reaktion\'s new Objekt series, Factory examines the cultural importance of the factory in its many manifestations: as an icon of the industrial age; as innovator, as inno-vation and as laboratory, and shows more than 100 intriguing visual examples. Whether discussing the utopian schemes of Robert Owen or Claude Ledoux, the cathedrals of industry of Albert Kahn and Frank Lloyd Wright, or the post-industrial revivals of former factories such as Renzo Piano\'s reconstruction of the Fiat Lingotto factory in Turin, this thematic account sheds a fascinating new light on the cultural connotations of these great modern monoliths.

The scholarly search on the art of the object is of enduring interest and enjoys a new renaissance in the last few years. This book mainly explores the art and craft of Islamic artefacts and presents to the reader a diverse range of approaches. Despite this variety, in which also artefacts of the pre-Islamic, period as well as \'orientalized\' European artefacts of the modern era are included, there is an overarching theme – the linking of the interpretation of objects and their specific aesthetics to textual sources and the aim of setting them in historical and artistic context.

Язык: немецкий.

Язык: немецкий Rad und Kettenfahrzeuge im Combat Maneuver Training Center..

Язык: немецкий.

Язык: немецкий.

Язык: немецкий.

Язык: немецкий.

Книга для архитекторов и конструкторов..

Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits: Tools and Techniques provides a basic understanding of how the most commonly used tools and techniques in silicon-based semiconductors are applied to understanding the root cause of electrical failures in integrated circuits. These include applications specific to performing failure analysis such as decapsulation, deprocessing, and fail site isolation, as well as physical and chemical analysis tools and techniques.

These specialist US military freighters have a significant history and are well known but underpublished. First flown in 1944, with deliveries from the end of 1945, the C-82 was the first freighter to really take advantage of the uninterrupted cargo hold and ground-level loading advantages conferred by the twin-boom layout.

=-Production Line Photos-Technical Manual Excerpts-Depleted Uranium Data-Two-Seat N/AW Variant-Battle Damage Photos-Desert Storm Nose Art .

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft. Missing: cover..

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft..

Each booklet in this series includes general history, specifications, technical data, photographs & colour profiles of the featured aircraft..

Книга-раскраска Скота Альтмана – это повествование о необычайных приключениях крылатой феи и ее друзей по сказочной стране. Изысканный дизайн одежд, завораживающие спрайты флаттера по страницам этой прекрасно иллюстрированной коллекции. Множество кошек, белок, птиц и других животных друзей присоединиться к веселью.


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