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This book introduces the principles of electrochemistry with a special emphasis on materials science. This book is clearly organized around the main topic areas comprising electrolytes, electrodes, development of the potential differences in combining electrolytes with electrodes, the electrochemical double layer, mass transport, and charge transfer, making the subject matter more accessible.

Information about a material can be gathered from its interaction with electromagnetic waves. The information may be stored in the amplitude, the phase, the polarisation, the angular distribution of energy transportation or the spectral characteristics. When retrieved from the wave, certain material properties may thus be determined indirectly.

Review “Readers should start a campaign to reprint and/or get a new edition of this book. Professor Paul Lorrain is not only a recipient of the Legion of Honor of France and the equivalent of Montreal, Canada, but his book is a work of CREATIVE GENIUS. His problems contain very interesting applications of electromagnetism which both the public and specialists can identify with, including magnetic monopoles (very strange theoretical entities with only one pole instead of the usual north and south poles of magnets - see my reviews of Kursunoglu, Frolov, Klapdor-Kleingothaus, etc.

This is a graduate level textbook on the theory of electromagnetic radiation and its application to waveguides, transmission lines, accelerator physics and synchrotron radiation. It has grown out of lectures and manuscripts by Julian Schwinger prepared during the war at MIT’s Radiation Laboratory, updated with material developed by Schwinger at UCLA in the 1970s and 1980s, and by Milton at the University of Oklahoma since 1994.

Mohamed H. Al Sharkawy “Electromagnetic Scattering using the Iterative Multi-Region Technique" .

This book is an electromagnetics classic. Originally published in 1941, it has been used by many generations of students, teachers, and researchers ever since. Since it is classic electromagnetics, every chapter continues to be referenced to this day. This classic reissue contains the entire, original edition first published in 1941.

Photonic technology promises much faster computing, massive parallel processing, and an evolutionary step in the digital age. The search continues for devices that will enable this paradigm, and these devices will be based on photonic crystals. Modeling is a key process in developing crystals with the desired characteristics and performance, and Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Crystals provides the electromagnetic-theoretical models that can be effectively applied to modeling photonic crystals and related optical devices.

This book is a first year graduate text on electromagnetic fields and waves. At the same time it serves as a useful reference for researchers and engineers in the areas of microwaves and optoelectronics. Following the presentation of the physical and mathematical foundations of electromagnetic theory, the book discusses the field analysis of electromagnetic waves confined in material boundaries, or so-called guided waves, electromagnetic waves in open space, scalar diffraction theory and active devices.

Electronic and Electrical Servicing provides a thorough grounding in the electronics and electrical principles required by service engineers servicing home entertainment equipment such as TVs, CD and DVD machines, as well as commercial equipment including PCs. In the printed book, this new edition covers all the core units of the Level 2 Progression Award in Electrical and Electronics Servicing (Consumer/Commercial Electronics) from City & Guilds (C&G 6958), plus two of the option units.

Electronic Commerce technologies have been studied widely in the field of Economics and Informatics. In recent years, there are multiple aspects of researches in electronic commerce including supply chain model, Internet auctions, Internet volume discounts, electronic bank and stock trading, and several others.

The days of troubleshooting a piece of gear armed only with a scope, voltmeter, and a general idea of how the hardware works are gone forever. As technology continues to drive equipment design forward, maintenance difficulties will continue to increase, and those responsible for maintaining this equipment will continue to struggle to keep up.

В этом сборнике собрана коллекция электронных конструкций и пректов, которые были опубликованы в журнале "Electronics For You". в 2000 году. Содержит более 90-а полностью провереных и готовых к использованию электронных схем..

В этом сборнике собрана коллекция электронных конструкций и пректов, которые были опубликованы в журнале "Electronics For You". в 2001 году. Содержит более 90-а полностью провереных и готовых к использованию электронных схем..

Owen Bishop\'s First Course starts with the basics of electricity and component types, and introduces students to practical work almost straightaway. No prior knowledge of electronics is assumed. The approach is student centred with Self-Test features to check understanding, and numerous Activities suitable for practicals, homework and other assignments.

J. Boyner “Electroplating (Workshop Practice).

Although I have been interested in electromagnetics my entire adult life, my concentration on applied electrostatics and electrostatic discharge began in graduate school. During this time, I was introduced by Walter L. Weeks, Ph.D. (Purdue University) and Ed C. Escallon (Terronics Development Corporation), to a fascinating research project on electrostatic spraying.

Electrostatic Lens Systems: Second Edition enables readers to design lens systems for focusing beams of charged particles that have useful characteristics. The book covers the basic theory of the motion of charged particles in electrostatic fields and describes several methods for the calculation of the potential and field distribution for various electrode geometries.

Элегантные салфетки, скатерти и покрывала, связанные крючком. Более 25 моделей..

This revision of the market-leading book maintains its classic strengths: contemporary approach, flexible chapter construction, clear exposition, and outstanding problems. Like its predecessors, this revision is written from the viewpoint of the applied mathematician, focusing both on the theory and the practical applications of Differential Equations as they apply to engineering and the sciences.

"An important topic, which is on the boundary between numerical analysis and computer science. I found the book well written and containing much interesting material, most of the time disseminated in specialized papers published in specialized journals difficult to find. Moreover, there are very few books on these topics and they are not recent.


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