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Креатив из CD дисков Из этих блестящих круглых штучек получаются очень интересные вещички. У кого накопилось много "болванок", самое время скачать книгу и опробывать себя в творчестве..

Battery Management Systems: Accurate State-of-Charge Indication for Battery-Powered Applications describes the field of State-of-Charge (SoC) indication for rechargeable batteries. With the emergence of battery-powered devices accurately estimating the battery SoC, and even more important the remaining time of use, becomes more and more important.

This book provides an excellent overview of the the Battle of Britain. Included are many photographs, drawings, charts and maps which help explain the battle on a day by day basis. The book also looks at air power and technology from 1918-1939, the rise of the Luftwaffe, aircraft designs and radar and some of the personalities involved with the battle.

Originally published in 1982 as a Scale Models magazine \'special\', Battle of Britain Aircraft, now reissued in book form, describes in detail how to build twelve 1: 72 scale models of these classic aircraft, supported by scale drawings, photographs, exclusive cutaways and specially-commissioned colour artwork.

Рассказ о сражениях за Крит - одной из самых ожесточенных битв Втророй мировой войны на Западном театре военных действий 174 стр ч/б фотографии,схемы.

After writing two classic histories of the Normandy Campaign, The British Breakout and Hill 112, Major J J How, MC, embarked on the story of Operation GOODWOOD. Sadly his declining health prevented him from progressing beyond the first chapter before his death in December, 1986. .

Книга о временах таких легендарных военачальниках, как Артур, Альфред и др. когда на землях Великобритании велись постоянные войны. /Britain was a place of conflict in the Dark Ages, between the departure of the Romans and the Norman Conquest. Clashes of allegiance, competition for territory and resources, and intense rivalries among the warlords and kings gave rise to frequent outbreaks of fighting.

The author served in the Bismarck throughout her career and was her senior survivor. In this remarkable account he provides an eye-witness narrative of the battleship\'s short and dramatic life, offering a unique view of the sinking of the Hood, and the Bismarck\'s subsequent attempts to escape pursuing British forces.

Conway Martime Press 66 стр. ч/б фотографии, чертежи Книга о немецком линкоре Шарнхорст Линкор «Шарнхорст» — один из самых знаменитых кораблей - участников Второй мировой войны. Он доставил немало хлопот «владычице морей», активно действуя в Атлантике и Заполярье, но в конце концов оба были уничтожены.

ч/б фотографии,рисунки,чертежи 122 стр Книга о линкоре Warspite. HMS Warspite ( «Уорспайт») — дредноут серии Queen Elizabeth. Корабль участвовал в обеих мировых войнах. Был сильно повреждён в Ютландском сражении — в него попало 13 280-мм снарядов. В 1944 году поддерживал высадку союзников в Нормандии.

Иллюстрированная история линкоров. Рассказ о развитии этого типа военных кораблей начиная с последней трети XIX века до войны в Заливе. Свыше 550 фотографий. .

История линейных кораблей с начала XX века до наших дней. Справочник составлен по странам. От Аргентины до USA. История, Фото, ТТХ. .

Язык: чешский Druhý svazek úspěšnй publikace je věnovaný speciální německй jednotce Brandenburg. Kniha popisuje neznámй akce na Kavkaze, na ostrovech v Baltu, ve Finsku, ve Středomoří, Albánii a na Balkánu, v Iránu a v Afghánistánu.

Язык: чешский Autor v knize na základě pramenů a výpovědí bývalých příslušníků mapuje dějiny útvaru Brandenburg a komand abwehru a líčí četnй akce, o nichž se dosud nepsalo..

Das Buch stellt die umfangreichen Möglichkeiten nachträglicher Abdichtungen im erdberührten Bereich vor. Ziel ist die Darstellung der wichtigsten Technologien und verwendbaren Materialien..

There is currently no viable alternative to the Bayesian analysis of scientific inference, yet the available versions of Bayesianism fail to do justice to several aspects of the testing and confirmation of scientific hypotheses. Bayes or Bust? provides the first balanced treatment of the complex set of issues involved in this nagging conundrum in the philosophy of science.

Probabilistic networks, also known as Bayesian networks and influence diagrams, have become one of the most promising technologies in the area of applied artificial intelligence, offering intuitive, efficient, and reliable methods for diagnosis, prediction, decision making, classification, troubleshooting, and data mining under uncertainty.

BBC Business English is a course for business people who want to use English confidently at work.BBC Business English contains: realistic business situations set in several different countries, lively dialogues which illustrate how business people talk on the telephone, in meetings, at conferences and on social occasions, letters, memos, reports and other documents to provide reading practice and models for writing, formal business vocabulary and informal idiomatic English presented in appropriate contexts.

Сборник уроков английского языка с сайта BBC. Содержит серию передач "Talk About English", а также записи. Список записей: BBC Learning English - Ask About English.mp3 BBC Learning English - Disagree.mp3 BBC Learning English - Disagree quiz.mp3 BBC Learning English - Entertainment dance 070508..

"Charles Paynes book is blunt, provocative, and right on the money. This book is a lot like Charles himself: insightful and to the point. If you have time to read only one book on how to make money . . . this is the book." --Dr. Bob Froehlich, Chairman, Investor Strategy Committee Deutsche Asset Man.


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