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"Барселона. Стиль "модерн". Фотоальбом зданий Барселоны в стиле модерн. .

Язык: Испанский Книга о великом архитекторе Гауди и его творчестве..

All your computer shortcuts together on two pages. High quality 1200 DPI pages Always in the reach of your hands. Print out and laminate! .

All your computer shortcuts together on two pages. High quality 1200 DPI pages Always in the reach of your hands. Print out and laminate! .

- definitions & terms - measures of tendency & dispersion - standard error of the mean - confidence intervals & limits - samples & distributions - grouping of data - discrete & continuous variables - testing hypotheses - Probabilities and more .

The collapse of Enron Corp. in the fall of 2001 had a peculiar side effect: accounting became front page news. For the next year, accounting fraud at a long series of Fortune 500 companies made headlines. The worst cases led to spectacular bankruptcies, mass layoffs, and criminal prosecutions. Many other companies remained intact, but paid millions of dollars to settle charges that their books did not correspond to financial reality.

Updated to reflect the most recent TOEFL iBT exam, this manual prepares students to succeed on the Test of English as a Foreign Language’s Independent Task, the all-important essay question, and on the Integrated Task, which combines reading, listening, and writing skills. The author presents a simple three-step program to help students write like a native speaker of English.

Roland Barthes was the leading figure of French Structuralism, the theoretical movement of the 1960s which revolutionized the study of literature and culture, as well as history and psychoanalysis. But Barthes was a man who disliked orthodoxies. His shifting positions and theoretical interests make him hard to grasp and assess.

руководство по смешанному стилю боя (Mix Fight).

Basic Algebra and Advanced Algebra systematically develop concepts and tools in algebra that are vital to every mathematician, whether pure or applied, aspiring or established. Together, the two books give the reader a global view of algebra and its role in mathematics as a whole. Key topics and features of Basic Algebra: *Linear algebra and group theory build on each other continually *Chapters on modern algebra treat groups, rings, fields, modules, and Galois groups, with emphasis on methods of computation throughout *Three prominent themes recur and blend together at times: the analogy between integers and polynomials in one variable over a field, the interplay between linear algebra and group theory, and the relationship between number theory and geometry *Many examples and hundreds of problems are included, along with a separate 90-page section giving hints or complete solutions for most of the problems *The exposition proceeds from the particular to the general, often providing examples well before a theory that incorporates them; includes blocks of problems that introduce additional topics and applications for further study *Applications to science and engineering (e.

Новейшее (2009г) издание этого монументального руководства по клинической фармакологии..

Basic Benchwork (Workshop Practice).

This is an alphabetical guide to the most common problems of grammar and vocabulary..

This introduction to the basic ideas of structural proof theory contains a thorough discussion and comparison of various types of formalization of first-order logic. Examples are given of several areas of application, namely: the metamathematics of pure first-order logic (intuitionistic as well as classical); the theory of logic programming; category theory; modal logic; linear logic; first-order arithmetic and second-order logic.

Полностью переработанное и дополненное, Basic Radiology, 2E обучает вас на основам выбора диагностических испытаний, применения и интерпретации полученных результатов. Этот удобный учебник предлагает проблемно-ориентированный подход с более чем 750 высококачественных изображений во всех условиях - от обычной рентгенографии к ядерному изображений, УЗИ, КТ, МРТ, ПЭТ и ОФЭКТ.

Руководство содержит вопорсы корректного оптического построения композиции, элементов светотени, контраста, рефлекса, поглащения и т.п. Приведены примеры рисования некоторых типичных поверхностных материалов . .

Книга для тех, кто хочет построить лесницу своими руками. В книге есть чертежи, расчеты, иллюстрации и подробные описания процесса постройки различных лесниц..

Следующая книга обучающая технике декоративного рисования "one stroke", в переводе один мазок. На кисточку набираются одновременно две краски, и одним движением рисуются лепестки, листья и т.д. Показаны приемы как набирать краску на кисточку, какими движениями рисовать. Изучив эту технику даже неумеющий рисовать сможет украсить свой дом.

Композиция является ключевым элементом для создания успешной фотографии. Книга состоит из шести основных глав, которые охватывают все, что должен знать хороший фотограф. Отлично иллюстрирована и включает в себя работы Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, James Nachtwey, Martin Parr, Marc Riboud, David Hockney, Duane Michals, Harry Callahan and John Darwell, и многих других.

Basics Product Design: Idea Searching - самое интересное в мире дизайна..


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