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Physicists use "back-of-the-envelope" estimates to check whether or not an idea could possibly be right. In many cases, the approximate solution is all that is needed. This compilation of 101 examples of back-of-the-envelope calculations celebrates a quantitative approach to solving physics problems.

Показано как делать backup ваших пользователей и конфигурации системы в Linux Mandriva 2008 .

Wild animals in our midst come to life in this unique, carefully rendered coloring book. Forty-two detailed black-and-white illustrations depict a garter snake, Virginia deer, garden spider, Japanese beetles, chickadees, raccoons, honeybees, cardinals, squirrels, and many more..

This detailed account charts the history, development and operational career of the British Aerospace Harrier / McDonnell Douglas AV-8, complete with over 70 photographs, full color artworks, prformance tables and technical diagrams..

Charts the development of the Harrier from the largely experimental P1127, through the Kestrel, to today\'s jet. The author covers developments of the airframe, avionics, weapons and Pegasus engine, and details the operational and experimental uses of this first operational VSTOL aircraft..

В книге представлены сумки, связанные спицами и крючком..

Изящные кольца, клипсы, кулоны и прочие варианты использования круглых розеток из бусин и бисера сможете вы изготовить без особого труда, вооружившись этой книгой. Для всех любителей бисероплетения с использованием бусин..

Художественная роспись по стеклу. This book features lovely paintings on glass items, wonderful for gifts and personal use. The painting is done quickly and easily with Donna Dewberry\'s stress-free One Stroke Technique. Apple Barrel Colors Acrylic glass enamels are used for the painting. These paints adhere well to glass, and they can be baked in a home oven for even greater durability.

Providing Christians with a comprehensive reference volume covering every key issue, person, and concept related to Christian apologetics, this work offers extensive coverage of apologetics with articles on key individuals, philosophical systems and concepts, biblical controversies, contemporary issues, and perennial apologetic arguments.

Crucial formulas for baking success--an updated edition of the classic reference. What do virtually all breads and desserts have in common? They rely on baking formulas, the building block "recipes" that every serious baker must master. For example, behind every tempting napoleon lies a formula for classic puff pastry, while a truly heavenly chocolate brownie cannot exist without the knowledge of how to temper chocolate.

Книга создателей сбалансированной системы показателей (ССП) в оригиналеСоветую прочитать всем кто хочет что-то понимать в современной экономике. .

Сборник содержит произведения балладного характера, записанные ведущим представителем стиля "New Rock" Джо Сатриани в период с 1986 по 2000 г.: Robina (86), Memories (86), Always With Me, Always With You (87) , Echo (87), , Flying In The Blue Dream (89) , Day At The Beach (89) , The Forgotten (Part I) (89) , The Forgotten (Part II) (89) , Cryin’ (92) , Tears In The Rain (92) , Down, Down, Down (95) , Moroccan Sunset (95) , Love Thing (98) , Until We Say Googbye (2000).

Аccurate drawings (all in proper sequence) depict everything that goes on in a beginner’s class, from lacing up the ballet shoe to executing the perfect arabesque. Illustrated instructions as well for proper posture, warm-up exercises, arm movements and much more. Inspirational, encouraging and instructive advice for young ballet stars of the future.

Язык: польский / английский The battle of Grunwald, fought on 15 July 1410 between the Polish, Lithuanian and Ruthenian forces and the army of the Teutonic-Order, supported by knights from Western Europe, reverberated throughout Europe and has always interested military historians. The nations, which took part in this battle, have always cherished the memory of their countrymen who bore arms in that battle.

Язык: польский / английский This publication is the second volume of a two-part work Banderia apud Grunwald. This volume shows reconstructions of the standards of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. Under these standards the Teutonic Knights fought against Polish forces in the greatest battle in the history of mediaeval Poland - indeed in arguably the greatest battle ever fought in mediaeval Europe.

Революция в \'исключительных\' барах началась с рождения Groucho и гостиниц магазина Ian Schrager\'s. Теперь ошеломляющий диапазон ультрасовременных, инновационных баров - можно увидеть даже в пределах традиционных гостиниц. Проекты Starck, Collins, Jiricna, Conran и Chipperfield возвышаются выше духа своего времени, обеспечивая интерьеры большой красоты, стиля, и остроумия.

В этой книге авторы сделали попытку изменения популярной концепции о прогрессивной цивилизаторской миссии славной Римской империи, где они утверждают, что варвары – общий термин, описывающий племена Западной и Северной Европы, а также Ближнего Востока, слишком долго были оклеветаны, как "дикари" в сравнении с якобы более продвинутыми и цивилизованными римлянами и их потомками.

Язык: польский / английский First part of this monograph devoted to combat activities during the first part of the Soviet-German war in the summer of 1941. 33 colour profiles. 4 maps. 53 black/white photos. Polish / English text..

32 картинки для раскрашивания Одежда для Барби.

Barcelona & Gaudi / Barcelona Y Gaudi: Modernism / La Ruta Del Modernismo.


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