Jan Goldman

Издательство: The Scarecrow PressГод: 2006ISBN: 0810856417

As noted in the foreword, with the creation of Homeland Security, the need for a standard vocabulary for the intelligence community became a priority. This concise dictionary is an attempt to document the operational and evolving intelligence vocabulary. More than 600 entries range in length from one or two sentences to a paragraph, with the occasional page-long entry (derogatory information, for example).

A. R. Maxwell-Hyslop, Pierre Grimal , Stephen Kershaw

Издательство: Blackwell PubГод: -ISBN: 0631166963

This volume, following closely on the heels of its progenitor, Grimals Dictionary of Classical Mythology ( LJ 2/1/86), remains a great reference tool. Entries are shortened by concentrating on the principal version of the myth and omitting minor variants. .

John A. Grimes

Издательство: State University of New York PresГод: -ISBN: 0791430685

A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English .

Inc Distribooks

Издательство: Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus A;Год: -ISBN: 341120902X

More than 100,000 sentences, idioms and stylistic idiosyncrasies of German, alphabetized by key word with definitions and content examples. Pinpoints the subtleties of meaning and usage. Written entirely in German. .

Fred Gettings

Издательство: Viking PrГод: 1981ISBN: 0710000952

Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils .

Jeremy Orlebar

Издательство: A Hodder Arnold PublicationГод: 2003ISBN: 0340809035

The Practical Media Dictionary is an essential guide to understanding how the media works and how people in the media talk to each other about their industry. It makes the media accessible, untangling the jargon and providing readers with the knowledge to participate in the production of practical media products.

Anne H. Soukhanov

Издательство: Houghton MifflinГод: -ISBN: 0395711460

The third edition of the American Heritage Dictionary is a beauty--2,134 pages --containing a lexicon of more than 200,000 entries, plus an appendix of Indo-European roots for etymology enthusiasts. The crisp white pages and sharp black print are easy on the eyes, the drawings and pictures (nearly 4,000 in all) are a delight, and along with the lucid, erudite definitions are 4,000-plus quoted illustrations of usage from the likes of Shakespeare, Melville, and Updike.


Издательство: Merriam-WebsterГод: 1998ISBN: 0877797080

The 1998 10th edition of Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary marks the 100th anniversary of this distinguished and popular reference standard, and this is more than just an interesting statistic--it means that Merriam-Webster brings years of experience and reams of citation files to the creation of this latest edition.

English idioms: Sayings and slang

Издательство: Prairie House BooksГод: 2001ISBN: 1895012090

English idioms: Sayings and slang Many useful english phrases .

Daniel Yadin

Издательство: Kogan PageГод: 2001ISBN: 0749435321

Definitions of everyday marketing terms and jargon, plus in-depth explanations of marketing practices and procedures. Written in clear, unambiguous language, this important reference provides accurate descriptions of the techniques, practices, terminology and jargon used in all marketing-related areas.

A. De Mijolla, Alain De Mijolla

Издательство: MacMillan Reference BooksГод: 2005ISBN: 0028659244

International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis, 3 Volume Set .

Editors of The American Heritage Dictionaries

Издательство: Houghton MifflinГод: -ISBN: 0395767865

For the first time, the editors of the acclaimed American Heritage(R) Dictionary have applied their efforts to word usage as its own subject. The result is this practical guide that includes chapters on grammar, style, diction, gender, social groups, pronunciation, word formation, science terms, and a subject and a word index.

H. Trevor Clifford , Peter D. Bostock

Издательство: SpringerГод: 2006ISBN: 3540384324

The dictionary provides explanations of the meaning and origins of generic and specific names of grasses, one of the largest and economically most important plant families. There are about 12,500 entries, which far exceed in number those of any other dictionary in print. Most of the names published during the past 250 years are included.

Pamela K. Mulligan, Robert C. King, William D. Stansfield

Издательство: Oxford University Press, USAГод: 2006ISBN: 0195307623

A source for identifying specialized terminology is essential to keeping up with any growing field of research. This dictionary admirably satisfies that need, drawing from genetics and other related disciplines. .

Евгений Погребняка

Издательство: -Год: 2005ISBN: -

«Словарь Великорусского языка делового общения» Евгения Погребняка явление отрадное, хотя бы потому, что подобного словаря не существовало - а вот бизнес в России 90-х активно развивались, развивался, соответственно, и бизнес сленг. Погребняк, таким образом, попал в число пионеров-фольклористов в данной области, вместе с создателями «Корпоративного словаря бизнес сленга» Оксаной Авраменко и Дианой Цухникас.

Ashworth, Clark

Издательство: Addison Wesley Publishing CompanyГод: -ISBN: 017556454X

Primary Courses & Materials - Picture Dictionary .

David Lowe

Издательство: Kogan PageГод: 2002ISBN: 0749435712

This unique, single volume dictionary aims to make sense of the language of generic terms, jargon, abbreviations and management buzzwords, to say nothing of the legal terms and definitions, that has grown up around the transport and logistics industries. .

Sara Tulloch

Издательство: Oxford University Press, USAГод: -ISBN: 0192830775

In this new dictionary, about 2000 contemporary words and phrases are given international Phonetic Alphabet pronunciation, one or more definitions, accounts of origin and usage, and readable, useful summaries of their background. All the information provided is first-rate. Examples of usage are quoted, with citations, and a set of 11 "subject icons" highlight graphically the fields of interest (business, drugs, music, etc.

Grenville Kleiser

Издательство: Dodo PressГод: 2006ISBN: 1406509264

A practical handbook of pertinent expressions, striking similes, literary, commercial, conversational, and oratorical terms, for the embellishment of speech and literature, and the improvement of the vocabulary of those persons who read, write and speak English. By the American author and former instructor in public speaking at Yale University.

Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations

Издательство: Oxford University Press, USAГод: 2004ISBN: 0198565984

The Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations presents a wonderfully entertaining and eclectic range of quotations covering all aspects of medicine through the ages. It couples profound statements from famous scientists with witty one-liners from the likes of Woody Allen and Spike Milligan. Packed with hundreds of quotations, it is a book that anyone in the medical profession, or with an interest in health, will find an invaluable source of reference and considerable entertainment.


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